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Chapter 188

“Don’t you think you have done enough to embarrass the entire family in front of so many people?!” Bailey chided in disappointment.

Aaron and Caitlyn had no choice but to return to the villa.
“Don’t follow me!” Caitlyn shouted at Levi.

After arriving at the manor’s main hall, everyone was seated according to arrangements.

Aaron and his family were seated at the corner, far away from Meredith.

Only those who Meredith regarded as important could sit at the front.

“Honey, the gift presentation is up next. I’m sure Meredith will be happy to accept our gifts,” Aaron said.

Caitlyn wiped away her tears and waited silently.

When the guests had filled up the room, the host announced the start of the banquet and the ceremonies proceeded one after another.

“Now is the time for gift presentation!”

Everyone started presenting their gifts as soon as the host finished.

There were gifts of a wide variety, but they were all valuable.

Hearing what the others had brought, Aaron and Caitlyn were filled with aplomb.

Because none of those gifts that were presented could be compared to what their family had prepared.

Those gifts were far inferior to theirs!

In the face of all sorts of gifts, Meredith simply nodded indifferently.

“Come on. Let’s go! She will definitely be happy!”

Aaron and Caitlyn quickly pulled Zoey to the front, waiting to present their gifts.

“I see you’re well-prepared, Caitlyn,” said Xena, Caitlyn’s cousin who was queuing at the front with her husband, Samson Fleming.

“Haha, and so were you!”

Aaron and Caitlyn smiled, thinking about how happy Meredith would be upon receiving their gifts in just a bit.

“Up next, it’s the birthday gift of Xena and Samson—an authentic calligraphy painting of an ancient notable artist worth seven hundred thousand—a five-hundred-year-old wild ginseng, and last but not least, a Jade Buddha Xena had sought from the holy mountain to bless Mrs. Black with good health!” the host read out the list of gifts Xena’s family had prepared.

The whole room burst into applause.

Everyone was satisfied with their gifts.

The Jade Buddha especially was thoughtful.

Hearing that, Meredith flashed a smile at last, obviously liking these gifts very much.

“Xena, Samson, I like your gifts very much!” Meredith said.

However, Aaron, Caitlyn and Zoey were dumbfounded.

Because the gifts they had prepared were almost exactly the same as theirs!

Most importantly, the former’s gifts were several times more expensive than theirs!

And they were queueing right behind them!

They wondered what Meredith would think of them if she found out their similar but relatively cheaper gifts.

Aaron and Caitlyn were so nervous that they could barely breathe.

“Up next, we have Caitlyn and Aaron’s gifts! Hmm?”

Seeing the gifts, even the host himself was stunned.

“What a coincidence.”

“What is it? Is there a problem with their gifts?” someone asked.

The host organized his thoughts and read aloud, “Caitlyn and family have gifted a calligraphy painting worth three thousand, a hundred-year-old wild ginseng, and a Jade Buddha requested from North Hampton’s Temple of Peace…”

“Yes, how thoughtful! They’re exactly the same gifts as what Ms. Xena and her family had prepared! Except that they’re lower in value by a double!”

Aaron and Caitlyn wished the ground could swallow them whole as soon as the host finished.

How embarrassing!

What a disgrace!

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