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Chapter 187

“How intimidating! Can you give us an exact number regarding your net worth?”

“Yeah, tell us! Grandpa and Grandma will certainly be proud of you!”

Logan and Jennie laughed out instead of getting angry.

“Levi, don’t!”

Zoey and her parents were so anxious that they almost covered Levi’s mouth.

But Levi slowly raised a finger. “At least this much!”

“At least ten billion?” Logan asked.

“No.” Levi shook his head.

“Could it be a hundred billion?”

Logan winced when he said that number.

Levi chuckled. “You’re wrong. It’s at least one trillion!”



Everyone laughed themselves silly at Levi’s words.

The reason everyone was quiet from was before was to see how far Levi could go with his big talk…

But who knew it was out of this world!

At least one trillion?!

What on earth is this?

It’s the equivalent of a hundred times the Black family…

Logan, his grandfather and father all laughed.

They had never seen such a man with such bravado before.

Forget about personal ownership. Even the Ministry of Economy doesn’t have that much money!

The others laughed wildly.

Even Russell, a man of speech and manner, roared with laughter.

As for Meredith and Robert, their faces were turning as black as charcoal.

It was an insult to them!

Levi was blatantly challenging their authority!

“You’re both sons-in-law. How can there be such a huge difference?” Meredith flared with anger.

“Discipline your son-in-law,” she said directly to Aaron and Caitlyn. “He should know what he should say and what he shouldn’t say on such an occasion!”

Aaron and Caitlyn trembled in fright and dared not raise their heads.

Caitlyn was even shedding tears.

She had never felt so upset before.

Even after what had happened at the Lopez family, she had never been so upset.

Caitlyn had been longing to her family for thirty years and now there was finally a chance.

But she was utterly humiliated in front of her relatives when she finally met them for the first time!

She wanted to end her life there and then!

It’s Levi’s fault!

It’s all Levi’s fault!

Aaron’s fist clenched.

He swore he would punch Levi in the face once the birthday banquet was over.

This is too f**king embarrassing!

Zoey, too, was disappointed through and through with Levi.

Levi has gotten used to talking big. It’s become a habit.

He wasn’t thinking clearly when he said he had ten billion to the Lopez family.

But now, to the Black family—a trillion?

Does he not understand the concept of money?

How could he say such big words?

Zoey regretted it.

She should have listened to her parents and left Levi at home.

Sure enough, her parents were put to shame as soon as they arrived.

Unfortunately, there was no crying over spilled milk!

“They’re both sons-in-law, but they’re like night and day! One’s a great catch, and the other is trash!”

“I heard that Levi Garrison has a bad reputation. He harbored evil thoughts towards his sister-in-law and almost killed his adoptive parents!”

“Their entire family is trash. Otherwise, Mrs. Black wouldn’t have only met this daughter of hers after thirty years!”

Hearing all kinds of comment from the people around, tears flowed down Caitlyn’s face like a river.

How embarrassing!

This was definitely the most humiliating moment in her entire life!

Aaron felt the same too.

He thought that he could steal the limelight at the Black family, but he was utterly disgraced.

“Quickly get inside! What on earth are you doing here?”

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