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Chapter 186

Levi had heard of Jennie and Logan just now.

Jennie was the daughter of Xaiden, the eldest son of the Black family, and she was currently the deputy governor of New Alliance Bank in South City.

Her husband, Logan Zachs, was all the more powerful. His grandfather, who had now retired, once served on the front lines of South City.

His father was the deputy director of the Ministry of Economy and also served as a leader in the Ministry of Commerce.

Jennie and Abigail were both Meredith’s favorite granddaughters.

As expected, Jennie and Logan arrived shortly after, together with Logan’s grandfather, Graham, and his father, Felix.

Graham was also a big shot who was formerly the deputy leader at the South War Zone. He had many disciples but had since retired.

Felix was in the prime of his life, holding an important position.

Their attendance had greatly elevated the Black family’s social status.

“Happy birthday!”

Graham and Felix extended their wishes one after another.

Meredith grasped Jennie and Logan’s hands, smiling brightly with narrowed eyes.


They were filled with envy!

Both Aaron and Caitlyn had been dreaming about the day their son-in-law could set the Thames on fire just so they could keep their head up.

But unfortunately, their son-in-law can never compare to that of others!

Just their luck to have met such a son-in-law like Levi.

“Haha, the younger generation of the Black family is full of talents! Let alone our grandchildren, how many people in South City have as many talents and skills as our grandson-in-law?” Meredith said proudly in front of hundreds of guests.

“That’s right,” Russell and the others chimed in. “How many are there who are as gifted as Logan in South City?”

Logan adjusted his tie, smiling, “I don’t deserve your praise, Grandpa, Grandma. The sons-in-law of the Black family are all outstanding! I heard that there’s a son-in-law from North Hampton. Isn’t he very powerful? He’d built a multi-billion conglomerate from scratch! Is he here?” Logan asked, looking around.

Knowing that Logan was referring to Levi, Aaron and Caitlyn suddenly felt ashamed. They lowered their heads and pulled Levi aside, wanting to hide.

“Aunt Caitlyn, Uncle Aaron, why are you guys hiding? North Hampton’s son-in-law, Levi Garrison, is over here!”

Someone mercilessly pointed out Levi’s position.

Everyone around retreated, revealing a large open space showing only Levi and his family.

At once, all eyes zeroed in on them.

“So you are Levi Garrison?” Logan smiled. “I heard that your net worth was over a billion. How about now? I bet it’s now worth more than the entire Black family.”

“Yeah, with your potential, hitting ten billion is pretty attainable!” said Jennie.

Being watched by hundreds of noble relatives, Aaron and Caitlyn broke out in a cold sweat.

They were too anxious.

This moment was too humiliating.

It was evident to Zoey that they were deliberately putting Levi in a tough spot.

Just as she was about to speak up for him, Levi blurted, “To answer Jennie and Logan’s questions, yes, it has definitely surpassed that of the Black family since long ago!”

Money was just a number to him.

If he could look down upon the Rogers family who worth tens of billions, what more the puny Black family?

Everyone gasped at Levi’s reply.

Levi’s bravado is really something!

What a load of crap!

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