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Chapter 185

Looks of shock appeared on everyone’s faces.

Especially Caitlyn who was seized by terror.

Everyone was well aware of Meredith’s stern and stiff personality. She couldn’t tolerate people who behaved in a boisterous manner like Levi.

Someone with a military police background like Russell would be well-liked by her.

Besides, how could a mere foundling gain a foothold in a wealthy family?

Meredith gave Levi a deep look before she left, obviously disappointed in him.

Robert let out a deep sigh before following suit, lamenting about how Zoey, given her status would marry such a husband.

“What the hell are you doing? You’re challenging the authority of the old lady. She hates people who fool around like you the most!”

Bailey and Pamela glared daggers at Levi.

“You’ve ruined us! The old lady has finally accepted us because of Zoey, but you just had to provoke her again, didn’t you?!”

Caitlyn almost cried from exasperation.

Would the old lady have accepted us immediately today if our son-in-law weren’t Levi, but someone else?

Aaron hugged Caitlyn. “Honey, don’t cry. We’ll regain our dignity and make the old lady acknowledge us when the birthday banquet officially starts later.”

“I supposed that’s all we can do.”

Caitlyn was physically and mentally frustrated.

Shortly after, most of the guests had arrived, apart from the big shots.

Robert and Meredith personally greeted them at the door, with Levi and the others following behind them.

Soon, several cars marked with the SWAT logo appeared.

Russell was the first to come down. He ran to the back, opened the car door, and greeted the leaders one by one.

“Grandpa, Grandma, let me introduce you. This is Shane Young, the captain of the Special Security Unit; Hugo Gibson, the vice-captain; Frankie Wimmer, the political commissar; Quincy King, the vice-captain of the City Patrol Unit…”

Russell introduced them to about seven to eight leaders in one breath.

There were about a dozen more leaders behind who were at the same level as Russell, all of whom held official positions such as team leaders.

Perry led everyone forward, extending their blessings, “Mrs. Black, may you be blessed with longevity and great prosperity…”

“Welcome, Captain Chapman. Welcome…” Robert and Meredith grinned from ear to ear, seeing the support of so many leaders.

Keane and Quintus chuckled. “You really outdid yourself there, Russell!”

“Mr. and Mrs. Black, I would like to commend Russell,” Perry said. “He has so much potential! I’ll make him vice-captain next year! The Black family will have something to be proud of again.”

Hearing those compliments coming straight from Perry’s mouth, Meredith and Robert were all the more exhilarated as they looked at Russell with satisfaction.

“Haha, isn’t that a given, Captain Chapman! Russell has always been the pride of the Black family,” said Meredith unabashedly.

This made everyone envious, especially Caitlyn and Aaron.

How nice would it be if Mrs. Black could be proud of them someday?

Too bad they couldn’t do it by themselves and could only rely on their daughter and their son-in-law.

But could a useless son-in-law like Levi ever make them proud?


“Grandpa, Grandma, I was going to invite the big shots from the Warzone, but there’s only so much I can do,” Russell said humbly.

“This is more than enough, Russell,” Meredith smiled approvingly. “It’s enough that Captain Chapman and the others could make it!”

“Indeed! With you, Russell, plus Jennie and Logan, it’s the right degree of pomp!” Keane and Quintus both laughed.

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