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Chapter 184

Even though they had been sleeping on the same bed, they had not been intimate, so it was only natural that Zoey had not seen Levi’s naked body.

As such, she had planned to examine Levi’s body tonight, in order to verify if he actually had those scars on his body.

However, Abigail had requested to share her bed, so in the end, Zoey was unable to carry out her plan.

The next day arrived and it was the day of old Mrs. Black’s birthday.

Levi and the rest were being woken up early in the morning, and were all gathered at the hotel lobby.

Shortly after, transportation arranged by the Black family arrived to pick them up to the Black family manor.

Aaron clutched the birthday gift for his mother-in-law in his arms. He was looking forward to impressing his wife’s family at the banquet later on.

Caitlyn had also checked with Levi if he had prepared any gift, and only felt at ease after confirming that he had not done so.

The scale of the Black family was comparable to the Garrison family, which was recently listed.

The family manor was extremely posh and grand.

The various luxury cars that were parked at the front porch were sufficient to form an auto show.

The three brothers from the Black family stood at the entrance to receive their guests personally.

The head of the Black family household, Robert Black, and his wife Meredith, were in the main hall of the manor. They were both dressed in red, all ready for the auspicious occasion.

After they were discharged from the military, the both of them started from scratch and managed to build a successful business empire over the years. Because of their hard work and efforts, the Black family had become one of the wealthiest family in the city.

In addition to that, the family was also flourishing. The couple had expanded their family and was joined by their many children and grandchildren.

The two esteemed elderly of the Black family were very contented with their current state of life.

“Dad, mom, look who’s here!”

Bailey led Aaron’s family to Robert and Meredith.

“Dad, mom!”

Caitlyn was overwhelmed with emotions and shed tears of joy when she met her parents.

Aaron was also feeling emotional and was ready to greet the two elders.

But Robert merely gave a slight nod, while Meredith let out a cold snort and only took a glance at them, before looking away.

Caitlyn and Aaron were both stunned to be given the cold shoulder.

Caitlyn immediately realized that, even though her mom had invited them to her birthday celebration, it would still take some time for her to fully accept them.

However, Caitlyn was already feeling grateful to be able to see her parents again.

The atmosphere in the room turned awkward for a moment.

To ease the tension, Pamela said, “Oh, mom and dad, weren’t you two looking forward to meeting Zoey?”

While saying that, she shoved Zoey in front of the two elders.

“Hi grandpa, hi grandma!” Zoey greeted her grandparents politely.

As it was her first time meeting her grandparents, Zoey was a little nervous.

After sizing Zoey up carefully, Robert and Meredith said in satisfaction, “She seems like a good kid, We like her!”

“Oh, I heard that Zoey is really capable. She even managed to secure a few hundred millions of investment for her company!”

The two elders of the family thought rather highly of Zoey, especially Meredith.

That was because the old lady was a successful woman herself, and had never shown preference for boys over girls.

Instead, among her children and grandchildren, she actually valued the females of the family more.

Back in the days, she had also placed high hopes on Caitlyn, but her daughter ended up eloping with Aaron, which broke Meredith’s heart.

That was the reason why the mother and daughter had not seen each other for over twenty years.

Bailey shot a glance at Levi and said, “Why are you still standing there? Aren’t you going to introduce yourself?”

With a grin on his face, Levi walked towards the elderly couple and said, “Hi grandpa and grandma, it’s a pleasure meeting the both of you. I’m Zoey’s husband, Levi!”

Robert observed Levi for a few seconds, and felt that there was a mysterious aura surrounding him.

But he wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly why.

Either Levi is trying to conceal something, or he is just someone who usually goofed around, was what Robert thought.

“I heard that you were once the rising star in the business circle of North Hampton, but was sent to jail for six years! You just finished serving time recently, right?” Meredith spoke.

Even though Meredith appeared to be unconcerned, she was, in fact, very in touch with what was going on in Aaron’s family.

“That’s right, grandma, I just got released from prison.” Levi answered truthfully.

“So, what are your plans going forward?” Meredith asked.

“Since Zoey is doing so well, my plan is just to assist her whenever she needs me! I’m a lucky man to have a wife I can depend on!”

Everyone froze upon hearing Levi’s words.

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