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Chapter 182

People stopped being curious about him after that. After all, no one would waste time inquiring about a nobody.

Hayden Zeller, a distant relative of the Black family who was from North Hampton, joined in on the conversation and said, “Oh I know what happened! Levi was sentenced to jail after he was convicted of taking advantage of his sister-in-law! If I’m not mistaken, he was only released a few days ago?”

“That’s right! It was one of the biggest news in North Hampton when it happened!” Some others, who were listening to the conversation, concurred.

Keane’s expression changed when he heard that, but still remained friendly as he asked, “So, Levi, you’re currently unemployed?”

Levi nodded and replied, “Kind of!”

After getting the man’s answer, Keane and Quintus had totally lost interest in continuing the conversation.

Even Zoey, who had just secured an investment of a few hundred million, suddenly seemed boring to them.

The men changed topics and carried on with their own conversations. Zoey hardly had anything to contribute to their subsequent discussions.

“Oh, by the way, is Russell back yet?” Keane asked all of a sudden.

Russell was his dad’s godson. The man had been outstanding since young, and he’s currently the leader of a subdivision of the Special Security Unit.

Word has it that he was going to be promoted to the Chief of the Special Security Unit next year.

“Speaking of Russell, he’s truly the pride and joy of our grandma!”

Quintus laughed.

That was indeed the case.

Even though Russell was not related to the Black family by blood, he was the elderly Mrs. Black’s favorite.

He had always been conscientiousness and performed well in every endeavor he partook in.

Russell would only be twenty eight next year, so it was an impressive feat that he was already the Deputy Chief of the Special Security Unit.

The Black family had an abundance of wealth, but what the family lacked however, was a talent like Russell.

He was the perfect missing piece to the puzzle for the Black family.

Shortly after his name was mentioned, Russell Black arrived at the gathering, still dressed in his uniform.

“Hi everyone, so sorry that I’m late. I have been really busy with the preparations for the upcoming economic summit these few days! I even had to specially apply for leave to attend grandma’s birthday banquet tomorrow!” Russell explained, and let out an embarrassed laughter.

“Russell is such a busy man, but he knows he’s the apple of grandma’s eye, so he has to be here by hook or by crook!” Someone teased, and everyone else laughed along.

However, Keane switched the topic abruptly, asking, “I heard that there was an incident at the train station today, that even your Chief had to handle the matter personally?”

Russell nodded and replied, “Yeah! You heard about it too? That’s actually the reason I was late for tonight’s gathering!”

“Russell, tell us what happened! I’m sure everyone wants to know about it,” Quintus said.

Russell scanned the curious faces in the room and chuckled, before elaborating, “There was a super big shot who visited the train station today! He came to examine our security measures without informing anyone beforehand. Thank goodness we discovered that it was him!”

Russell let out a gasp, as he recalled the dramatic events of the day.

“So how did you guys find out that it was him?” Everyone was eager to know what happened next.

“When he went through the metal detectors while exiting the train station, the alarm sounded! We stopped him from leaving and did a body check on him. Guess what we found?”

Everyone held their breaths as they waited for Russell to continue.

“We found out that there were 13 bullets and 7 grenade shrapnel lodged inside his body! One of the bullets was even in his skull and another one in his heart! It’s the metal from the bullets and shrapnel that caused the alarm to sound!”

Even Russell himself found it inconceivable.

“What??? 13 bullets and 7 grenade shrapnel???”

Everyone was shocked by what Russell told them and sharp inhales could be heard all round.

“What’s even scarier was that his entire body was covered with scars. From my estimation, there were definitely no less than a thousand of them!”

Everyone went pale with disbelief at Russell’s description of the man. It was unimaginable as to what kind of horrors he must had gone through.

“What was the time when he was there?” Zoey suddenly asked.

“It was around 2.10 in the afternoon!” Russell replied.

Zoey turned to look at her husband. She had registered that it was the same time Levi was held up at the security check earlier today.

Besides, Levi had nothing on him which could have caused the alarm to sound.

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