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Chapter 181

Abigail realized that she had let the cat out of the bag.

“Does Levi have any other identities?”

Zoey looked at Abigail dubiously, wondering if they were hiding anything from her.

Levi laughed it off as he joked, “Abigail was just worried that they’d found out that I was an ex-convict.”

“Yeah, I thought that was the reason the alarm went off,” Abigail reacted swiftly to Levi’s cover-up, which managed to temporarily ease Zoey’s suspicion.

“What happened just now? Were you carrying anything that caused the alarm to sound non-stop?” Aaron asked.

“Oh, it’s just my lighter that is made of brass, that’s why it got picked up by the metal detectors!” Levi replied, as he took out his lighter and showed it to Aaron.

“Oh, let’s go then, Bailey had sent someone to pick us up. The car had been waiting outside for a while!”

Caitlyn was also raring to go.

The group was driven to the Hilton Hotel.

Due to the large number of guests invited to the birthday banquet, the guests were temporarily arranged to stay at the hotel.

“It seems like dad and mom had not yet completely gotten over what happened last time! Otherwise, we would be staying at the Black family mansion instead of the hotel, together with the rest of the guests!”

Caitlyn’s disappointment was apparent as she said that.

“Don’t worry, honey, we’re going to impress your family members later. I guarantee that their opinions of us will change for the better after that!”

Aaron was brimming with optimism as he comforted his wife.

It was important to the couple to be recognized by the Black family.

After everyone settled down in their hotel rooms, Abigail went to look for Levi and Zoey. “My cousins from the Black family are having a gathering tonight, do you guys want to tag along?” She asked.

“Sure, we’ll go!” Levi and Zoey accepted the invite readily.

Abigail drove them to the venue in her pink Maserati.

The gathering was held at the Scarlet Aegis Hotel.

A meal there costs at least ten thousand.

Different models of luxury cars could be seen parked in the hotel’s parking lot.

Abigail led Levi and Zoey to the private room, where dozens of people had already gathered and were engaged in animated discussions with each other.

“Hey, Abigail is here! Let’s welcome her!”

As Abigail was also a part of the Rogers family, she was very well-liked and popular among her cousins in the Black family.

For everyone else in the room, it was their first time meeting Levi and Zoey.

When they saw Zoey, most of them were stunned by her beauty and were eager to know her.

“Abigail, why are you not introducing your friends to us?” One of Abigail’s cousins urged.

“This is Aunt Caitlyn’s daughter, Zoey. She’s our cousin too! This is Levi, Zoey’s husband,” Abigail said.

“Oh! So it’s our cousin Zoey!”

Abigail’s brothers were the first to greet Zoey.

As for Levi, he was being treated as though he was invisible.

There were also a few attendees at the gathering who did not belong to the Black family, which meant that they were not blood-related to Zoey.

The men who belonged to that category couldn’t keep their eyes off Zoey. After all, it was not everyday that one would come across such an exquisite beauty.

After some mingling with the others, Levi found out that tonight’s gathering was organized by Zoey’s cousins, Keane and Quintus.

As the both of them were direct male descendants of the Black family, they were both held in high regard by the rest.

Naturally, they were also the main focus of every discussion topic which went on that night.

Keane laughed as he said, “Zoey, I heard that your husband, Levi, was previously a dark horse of North Hampton’s business arena. Even the business moguls and owners of leading enterprises in South City knew his name. What’s he up to these days?”

Quintus chuckled and said, “Yeah, I remember that too. But we haven’t heard any news about him in a long while.”

The two men were not trying to take a dig at Zoey, but were genuinely curious.

The Black family was among the wealthiest in the city. Naturally, Zoey and her family would not be important enough for them to pay any attention to.

They did try to find out more about Levi, during the days when he used to be a rising star in the business arena.

However, no one had news about Levi after he went to jail.

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