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Chapter 180

I did not expect God of War to be here in South City.

At that moment, countless tanks arrived at the South City train station.

Heavily armed soldiers sealed off the entire area with swift motions.

The two soldiers leading the troop were evidently high-ranking officers in the army.

Perry shivered fearfully at the sight of the two people who rushed into the office. He had predicted this to happen.

“Are you Mr. Chapman? Let me introduce myself. I am Mortimer Lambert from the South Warzone.”

Perry was familiar with Mortimer Lambert’s existence. He’s one of the captains in the South Warzone.

Perry shook hands with Mortimer immediately. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Captain Lambert!”

“This is one of the captains serving under the God of War himself, Captain Alfie Steele. His troop recently returned from the battlefield,” Mortimer introduced the other soldier next to him.

Perry saluted at once. “Captain Steele, thank you for your services!”

Perry was aware that Alfie Steele and his men were actively protecting Erudia on the battlefield.

Alfie returned the salute. “Thank you for your hard work too, Mr. Chapman.” Then Alfie added, “I heard you took the God of War into custody?”


Perry was stunned by that question. I’m doomed. More importantly, I cannot explain myself under this circumstance. The God of War is a high and mighty person, yet I subjected him to a security check and even searched his body! I must have offended him!

“That’s alright. All of you did the right thing.” Levi walked out of the imaging room after putting on his clothes.

“Sir!” Alfie, Mortimer, and their subordinates saluted Levi immediately.

Perry and his security team members said helplessly, “We are terribly sorry to have wronged you, Sir. Please punish us!”

“Punish? Nonsense! You did the right thing! We should stay vigilant and tighten the security at a crucial time like this. It is a must for everyone to undergo the security check, regardless of their status,” Levi responded.

Tears brimmed in Perry’s eyes. The God of War is such a gracious person. It must be an honor to serve him. I can clearly distinguish the unique pride in Captain Alfie and his men. Other soldiers do not give off an aura like this.

“What are you doing here with all your men, Alfie? Did you come here to wage war?” Levi looked at Alfie sternly.

Alfie answered swiftly, “I did not plan to come here initially, Sir! But I hurried over when I heard you were detained.”

Levi chuckled humorlessly after he kept his identifications. “Do you think something bad will happen to me? This is just a normal security check! Ask all your men to retreat right now.”

“Yes, Sir!” Alfie quickly relayed the commands.

“Don’t worry. I will visit the battlefield once I have the time.” Levi dragged Alfie aside and provided the latter with a few instructions.

“Please rest assured, Sir. We have plenty of those things. I’ll send the items over on time tomorrow,” Alfie smiled.

Levi patted Perry’s shoulder before he took his leave. “Keep up the good work! The internal security of this nation is resting on your shoulders.”

“I will fulfill my responsibilities and duties, Chief!” Perry saluted with a burning passion.

“Oh, by the way, you guys should retreat after I leave this place.”

Levi left first to prevent attracting any attention to himself.

Zoey and the others heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Levi exiting the train station unscathed.

Abigail blurted uncontrollably when she saw Levi. “Did they discover your identity, Levi?”

“Identity?” Zoey and her parents gazed at Abigail simultaneously.

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