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Chapter 179

The security guards were drenched in sweat under the stressful environment. Everyone could feel their hearts pounding heavily against their chest as that was the most challenging situation they had ever faced.

They stared at Levi unblinkingly while tightening the grip on their guns with trembling hands.

They had orders to shoot Levi on the spot if he took out anything deemed to be dangerous from his pockets.


Levi removed the item from his pocket at that crucial moment.


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the object. It’s just a cigarette.

Levi placed the cigarette between his lips and said with a smile. “What’s with the tensed atmosphere? I am not carrying anything dangerous on me. Can I borrow a lighter, bro?”

The leader of the security team, Perry Chapman, strode up to Levi and lit his cigarette. At the same time, he searched Levi’s body and discovered nothing.

Perry waved his hand. Two other female guards shuffled forward and searched Levi’s body again. The result was the same.

Then, one of the female guards scanned Levi’s body with a handheld metal detector.

Beep beep beep…

The alarm on the metal detector rang again.

Perry immediately pointed his gun at Levi. The other guards behaved similarly. The atmosphere turned as heavy as before.

The female guard continued to scan Levi’s body. The metal detector was triggered when it hovered over his abdomen, chest, back, waist, knees, and other parts of his body.

She ordered Levi with a frown. “Please remove your coat, sir!”

Levi complied because that was the standard procedure.

Nothing was wrong with Levi’s coat after the female guard scanned his outerwear.

But the metal detector beeped again when she scanned Levi’s body.

“Please remove your shirt, sir!”

The same thing happened.

“Remove your singlet now!”

Everyone was flabbergasted after Levi took off his singlet.

They were horrified by the numerous scars covering his body. The scars were left behind after sustaining cuts, bullet wounds, burns, and all other kinds of injuries.

What kind of person could he be to receive all these scars? There are more of these scars than we can see, judging from how the wounds overlap with one another. Is he a soldier? The thought flashed across Perry’s mind.

“Bring this mister to undergo a full-body imaging,” Perry commanded.

The security guard subjected Levi to a scan using the equipment available inside the imaging room.

Levi’s X-ray was displayed on the screen shortly after.

Everyone nearly passed out after examining the X-ray. There were 13 bullets embedded in his body. Three of the bullets were inches away from his brain, heart, and lungs. The bullet wound would’ve been fatal if the bullet’s trajectory swayed a little.

The rest of the bullets were lodged elsewhere in his body. Luckily, the bullets did not hit his vital organs, so Levi was not affected by the metal pieces inside his body.

At that moment, Perry and the other guards were suddenly regarding Levi with the utmost respect. This man is a soldier who fought for our country. He sacrificed himself to protect our nation! He’s not flinching a little, even with all these scars and bullets embedded in his body. Men like him are the reason we can carry on with our lives in peace!

“Sir, these are the identifications we took from him!”

The security guard handed Perry Levi’s identification card and military card.

Perry’s legs wobbled, and he nearly slumped onto the floor after glancing at his military card.

“God… God of War? He’s the God of War?” Perry had never been so afraid in his life. We’ve heard of the God of War’s recent arrival at North Hampton.

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