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Chapter 178

“You’re right! The Black family is almost as influential as the Garrison family. They might even think of the expensive gifts as cheap objects,” Aaron said.

I should prepare a thoughtful present since this woman is Zoey’s grandmother. ”Father, mother, does grandmother have any special hobbies or quirks?” Levi asked.

“I’m not sure about her hobbies, but she does have a bad habit,” Caitlyn answered. “She likes to drink and smoke. My mother never listens to our advice.”

Levi smiled. “Then I will prepare alcohol and cigarettes for her.”

“What? Don’t mess around, Levi! My siblings will scold me if you prepare those items as my mother’s birthday present. Moreover, with my mother’s status, she’s not the type of person to just indulge in any alcohol and cigarettes. So you can erase that thought from your mind,” Caitlyn warned him.

“It’s better for you to go empty-handed than adding to the trouble,” Aaron added.

“Alright then.” But I will prepare a present for her. And this will be something grandmother has never seen because no one can buy this with money.

The next day, everyone departed for the Black family house.

Abigail tagged along with Levi and the others.

Although Zoey was rich, the money was placed inside the company’s account. Aaron did not have sufficient time to purchase a luxurious car either. Hence, they took the train to their destination. It was, after all, only a 40-minute ride.

Aaron and Caitlyn were reassured after they saw Levi leaving the house without a present. They were afraid of Levi’s unpredictability and his tendency to worsen every situation.

Forty minutes later, they arrived at the South City train station.

Aaron and Caitlyn walked in front with excitement, followed by Zoey and Abigail. Levi trailed behind them, carrying all their belongings.

South City was hosting a National Economy Forum at that time, so the city council had enhanced the security in every train station and airport.

A security check was placed at every train station exit.

Beep beep beep…

The security alarm was triggered when Levi passed through the gates.

Chaos broke out at the exit immediately. Everyone scrambled to hide in the corners. The security guards were invigorated as the piercing sound of the alarm had startled them.

The security teams assigned nearby the train station hurried over upon sensing the commotion.

Levi stood at the exit, not knowing what he should do as the alarm would not stop beeping.

Everyone stared at Levi apprehensively. Aaron and his family were dumbfounded as well.

“Don’t move! Raise your hands!” The guards loaded their guns and aimed the weapons at Levi.

Levi was not carrying anything because all their belongings had to pass through the security check. As a result, everyone was under the impression that Levi had hidden a dangerous object on his body.

The security team was especially tense due to the ongoing event in the city.

“Please evacuate immediately!” Everyone left the scene under the security team’s arrangements, including Zoey and her family.

Levi was left alone at the security gate after a short while.

“What are you hiding? Reveal the objects immediately!” The security guard shouted nervously.

Levi smiled. “I’m not carrying anything else on me.”

“That’s not possible! Why else was the alarm triggered? We can show you leniency if you hand over the object on your own accord right now!” The guard persuaded Levi.

“There’s nothing to hand over, honestly,” Levi answered carefreely.

He walked through the security gate calmly while reaching into his pockets slowly.

“Do not move! Stand up straight and raise your hands!”

“We will shoot you if you do not comply!”

Everyone yelled frantically as they did not know what Levi was planning to do.

But Levi did not heed their warning. He continued to do as he pleased.

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