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Chapter 177

“That’s me. Do you have a problem with that?” Elmer accepted the challenge.

Chopper and his men surged forward with a wave of Levi’s hand.

They quickly surrounded Elmer. Chopper patted Elmer’s cheek tauntingly. “What’s going on? Are you causing a ruckus?” Chopper asked with a grin.

Elmer was scared out of his wits when he saw the menacing appearance of the thugs. The scars and tattoos covering Chopper’s skin did not help ease his anxiety.

Chopper’s subordinates took care of the other employees who followed Elmer’s lead.

But Elmer summoned his courage and confronted Zoey, “How dare you hire these thugs to threaten me. I will sue you! You’re dead!”

Zoey jeered at him, “Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know them.”

Chopper agreed with her. “That’s right! We don’t know one another. I am here to settle this dispute because I do not like the way you are causing trouble here! Do you have a problem with that?”

Everyone supported Chopper, “That’s right. We don’t like how you’re bullying the others. We will interfere in this matter regardless of what you say!”

“You…” I know they are acquainted with each other, but I do not have any proof. ”What do you want? I am a lawyer, so I am not afraid of you!” Elmer spoke with an unconvincing tone.

Chopper patted his face again. “We don’t want anything. Though I do know your daughter is a student at North Hampton Primary School, and your wife is working at Sunshine Hypermarket…”

“What?” Elmer was taken aback by Chopper’s words. He’s blatantly threatening me. But I can’t say or do anything because of how he phrased his sentence!

“This is my bad! I will not repeat my mistake in the future!” Elmer surrendered.

“Don’t you know that you should apologize after you make a mistake?” Chopper sneered.

Elmer stood in front of Zoey and apologized, “We are terribly sorry, Ms. Lopez. We will not cause you any more trouble!”

Everyone admitted their mistakes as well. They regretted their decisions. We could’ve enjoyed these benefits if we did not submit our resignation letters in the past.

Members of the Lopez family were filled with regrets as well.

“What? Levi Group invested a total of 600 million? Imperial Meadows will be expanding its business?” Harry Lopez was astonished.

Fabian nodded. “Yes. They have sufficient capital to expand their business after setting aside the money needed for the West City Ecological Park project. Imperial Meadows will be on par with Lopez Group soon!”

“What?” Harry Lopez was in utter disbelief. I thought I was so smart to take away that 100 million, but the tables have turned. We’ve messed up our relationship with Zoey at this point! ”Perhaps it is time we try to reconcile with Zoey.”

Levi was fully occupied by the matters related to Levi Group in the past few days. He decided to rename the company as Morris Group to pay respect to Morris Atkinson as well as to announce his rivalry with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Zoey’s grandmother’s birthday banquet was around the corner.

Aaron and Caitlyn were putting a lot of effort into preparing the birthday presents.

Caitlyn purchased a jade statue for her mother because her mother was a collector of those antiques. Aaron, on the other hand, spent 300 thousand on a famous painting.

Zoey bought a set of expensive supplements for her grandmother.

Aaron was satisfied with the presents they had prepared for Caitlyn’s mother. He reminded Levi, “You should come up with something too, Levi. This will be your first time meeting with your grandmother-in-law. Remember to buy an expensive gift. Get the money from Zoey if you have to.”

Caitlyn glared at Aaron before turning to look at Levi. “The price is not the priority. It is more important for you to put thought into the gift.”

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