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Chapter 176

Levi Group contacted Zoey’s company after the crisis was resolved. They wanted to contribute an additional 200 million investment to expand Zoey’s business.

Zoey accepted the offer without a second thought.

In the afternoon, Zoey made another announcement. “Any employee who weathered the crisis with us will receive a higher salary and more benefits from now on!”

She even promoted a few of her employees because the majority of the workers had quitted.

The announcement made a huge impact on the business world in North Hampton.

Imperial Meadows was also hiring a large number of new employees as they needed to expand their business.

A massive crowd of applicants gathered in front of the company’s entrance.

At the recruitment venue, a middle-aged obese man in a suit tossed his resume on the table. “I was the head of the legal department in Imperial Meadows, Elmer Reid. Register my name immediately because I’m coming back to work now.”

But the recruiter sneered. “Elmer Reid, you say? You’re on the Imperial Meadows’s recruitment blacklist. You will never be employed by this company again for the rest of your life!”

“Who are you? How dare you reject my application? Bring the head of the HR department here right now!” Elmer roared.

He was not pleased to be stopped by a few lowly employees at the entrance of the company.

“He’s right! We used to be Imperial Meadows’s employees. So why aren’t you letting us in?”

“We worked in this company for years. Imperial Meadows cannot operate without us!”

“Not only do we want to rejoin the company, we demand to receive the extra benefits too!”

The crowd yelled and screamed at the recruiters, following Elmer Reid’s lead.

They were the employees who resigned amidst Imperial Meadows’s crisis. They returned to the company after they heard about Zoey’s announcement. But all of them were infuriated after they learned that their names were registered on the blacklist.

Elmer Reid said angrily, “Give us a proper explanation. We can sue you for inflicting psychological trauma on us and demand compensation!”

Zoey appeared at that moment. “I warned you of the consequences of leaving the company previously. All of you are on Imperial Meadows’s blacklist now!”

The ex-employees cowered when they saw Zoey.

Elmer said with a smile, “We have reflected on our mistakes now, Ms. Lopez. Please give us another chance.”

“That’s right. We are terribly sorry. Please give us another opportunity!” The others pleaded as well.

“I already gave you a chance,” Zoey responded unmercifully.

The employees who stayed with Imperial Meadows before were grateful for their decisions. They would be facing the same situation as them if they followed them previously.

Zoey was adamant. “Anyone who’s on the blacklist will never be accepted in Imperial Meadows!”

“Fine! Do not blame us in that case, Zoey Lopez! We’ll stay here to protest until you return the jobs to us!” Elmer Reid retorted.

All the other ex-employees did as Elmer said. They blocked the company’s entrance to prevent anyone from entering.

“Let’s see who has got more time to waste now!” Elmer added. “I will also sue you for creating this unreasonable rule and infringing our basic human right to apply for a job. I will demand a large amount of compensation due to this horrible psychological trauma you have inflicted on us!”

Elmer Reid is adept at manipulating the law to his advantage. More importantly, we cannot operate as usual if they continue to protest here. Zoey saw Levi just as she was troubled by the predicament.

A large group of scary men followed behind Levi.

“Who dares to stir up trouble in front of the Imperial Meadows’s building?” Levi shouted.

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