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Chapter 175

Arnold’s body shuddered as he explained, “That’s not it, godfather. Levi is a capable man. Not only did he trick me into revealing all the truth, but he also filmed the entire conversation. I just received news of the few waiters and Zoey’s secretary’s arrests for committing perjury! I will be his next target. You have to save me, please!” Arnold begged Alaric.

Alaric stood before the French windows overlooking the city of North Hampton. He said after taking a puff of his cigar, “Who has the guts to harm my godson? Don’t worry about this, Arnold. Nothing will happen to you. The vice-captain of the patrol squad needs to pay his respects to me as well. Do you know how much I have contributed to the city’s advancement every year?”

Alaric was unfazed. Not only am I one of the council members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, but I am also the owner of Alaric Group, a business worth up to 8 billion. What do I have to fear?

But the next second, a series of police sirens blared in front of the Alaric Group’s building.

The sound filled every corner of the skyscraper.

The color drained from Alaric’s face when he saw the police cars parked near the entrance of the building.

Arnold was already shivering in terror. They are here to capture me!

Alaric continued to puff on his cigar. His brows were knitted together tightly, but he reassured his godson, “Don’t worry, Arnold. No one will dare lay a finger on you as long as I am here.”

A few policemen barged into Alaric’s office.

They displayed Arnold’s arrest warrant immediately.

Arnold was so frightened, he was soaked in a cold sweat.

Alaric raised his voice, “Try and take him away if you have the courage to do so!”

“He’s not the only person we are taking away. You are following us as well.” A voice was heard suddenly. Xavier Fields showed himself a split second later. In his hands was another arrest warrant to detain Alaric.

“Captain Fields?” Alaric was surprised to see Xavier Fields.

Xavier Fields knew Alaric was a tricky man to handle, so he had to deal with him in person. “Alaric Taylor and Arnold Botts, we have solid evidence to prove your crimes. Please cooperate with us to undergo the investigation. Otherwise, we will take you by force.”

Four policemen stepped forward and arrested them after Xavier waved his hand.

Alaric did not expect himself to be targeted. I am the council member of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!

Everyone else shared Alaric’s sentiment because no one foresaw the arrest of a council member of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

The evidence against them was indeed irrefutable, but both Alaric and Arnold were astounded to see the transaction histories and call logs. We purposefully encrypted this information! So why is it here?

Arnold knew the precautionary measures he had to take as he was a lawyer. The police and investigators shouldn’t have been able to crack the security encryption. But they did not know Phoenix was one of the best hackers in the world. He dealt with the issue effortlessly.

With that, Alaric Taylor and Arnold Botts were captured. Charges were pressed against Charles and his friends who were staying inside the hospital. All of them would either be placed behind bars or deported upon their recovery.

This news spread like wildfire throughout North Hampton. Justice had prevailed. However, Alaric Taylor’s arrest shocked the public the most.

The members of the Chamber of Commerce were astounded by that matter. However, they had no other choice but to concede because Xavier Fields was the man to take Alaric into custody.

Inside Zoey’s office, two people were wrapped in a tight embrace. “So, you’ve predicted these to happen. You’re so smart to deliberately leave evidence at the scene! No wonder you were so calm the whole time!” Zoey’s eyes shone as she spoke to Levi.

Levi smiled. “They are too young to be competing with me.”

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