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Chapter 174

Levi’s confidence unsettled Arnold. I’ll be a goner if this footage is exposed to the public. My law firm will collapse, so will my life!

Arnold was drenched in a cold sweat at that moment. His anxiety was much more intense than Suzie’s. Suzie’s concern was merely the fear of imprisonment while Arnold would lose everything, including his wealth, career, and life.

Arnold stared at Levi hatefully, unwilling to give up without a fight. “Hand me the footage now. Then, we can discuss the terms like civilized people. Otherwise, you will suffer miserably.”

“Are you threatening me?” Levi grinned at him.

Arnold grasped the situation in a heartbeat. Levi Garrison is a formidable man. He would not think of doing this if he’s just an Average Joe as I thought. Threatening him is futile.

Arnold suppressed his undulating emotions. He tried to negotiate with Levi, “Just tell me what you want.”

Levi shook his head. “I don’t want anything.”

“No, wait! I will assist you in this lawsuit if you give me the footage. I can guarantee your victory, and you will receive a handsome amount of compensation too!” Arnold suggested. Levi’s only wish at this moment should be to win this lawsuit and free himself from all the charges pressed against him.

Levi’s lips curled into a pensive smile. “Why would I need a rubbish like you to help me with the lawsuit?”

Levi got up to leave after he spoke.

“You can’t leave now! Let’s discuss the terms as you wish.” Arnold blocked Levi from moving forward. “I can promise you anything as long as you delete the video!” Arnold was on the verge of tears.

Azure Dragon lifted Arnold and tossed him on the sofa.

Arnold wailed and shrieked, but he could not do a thing as Levi slowly disappeared from his vision.

Outside the villa, Phoenix met up with Levi. He handed him some documents. “Here’s the transaction history and call log between Arnold Botts and Alaric Taylor, Sir!”

“Well done. We’ve gathered all the evidence we need. Place this on Xavier Fields’s working desk, Phoenix. He will go through these documents tomorrow.”

Levi puffed on his cigarette and disappeared into the night.

That was destined to be a long and unbearable night for Zoey and Aaron because their fates would be determined at sunrise.

That night was not pleasant for the few waiters who committed perjury too.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, a series of police sirens were heard as police cars surrounded the Grand Imperial Hotel.

A dozen policemen got out of the car and rushed into the hotel. Then, they swiftly brought the waiters away.

Inside her apartment, Suzie was distressed by the unexpected turn of events.

“Don’t worry, Suzie. You have the support of Arnold Botts and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. Levi Garrison will not escape the terrible fate waiting for him with these impressive forces going against him. Don’t concern yourself with the video. You only have to stick firmly with your statement that Levi edited the video,” Her friends comforted her.

Suzie felt a little better after listening to her friends. That’s right. Levi is nothing compared to the people supporting me!

However, with that thought in her mind, the sound of sirens reverberated through the entire apartment.

Suzie and her friends ran to the windows to check out the situation. They saw a police car parked below the apartment.

Suzie passed out in fear. But she was taken away by the policemen anyway.

On the other end, Arnold went to Alaric Taylor’s Alaric Group early in the morning. He was actually Alaric’s godson as well.

Inside the chairman’s office, Arnold was begging Alaric to help him.

“You must save me, godfather! Levi Garrison has the evidence that could ruin my life.” Arnold’s face was paper-white.

Alaric chided while smoking his cigar, “How can you introduce yourself to others as a lawyer when you are such a coward?”

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