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Chapter 173

Arnold Botts laughed wickedly. You’re completely under my control, Levi Garrison! You’re doomed!

“So, it is you who have been manipulating every turn of events!” Levi acted as if he was furious.

“That’s right! I agreed to accept the case without any hesitation when the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce contacted me previously. I pursued Zoey in the past, but she rejected me mercilessly and even told me that I do not deserve her. But times have changed – I am the person who can alter your fates now!”

Arnold Botts could never let go of the humiliation he experienced in his younger days. But he finally had the opportunity to toy with Zoey. I will play with her to my heart’s content!

“You…” Levi put up a scared front.

Arnold moved closer to Levi and jeered at him, “I am your master now, Levi Garrison. You will lose if you fight me in this lawsuit. I will see your face again behind bars.”

“But that wasn’t my fault. They tried to take advantage of Zoey and threatened me too. I was only defending myself,” Levi uttered the words desperately.

“Hehe. I am aware of that, naturally. Charles and his friends are a bunch of sex fiends. They have toyed with plenty of women over the years. They wanted to defile Zoey on purpose as a form of revenge against you. It was also their intention to tie you up and let you witness the entire process. But what can you do even if you know all about the truth now? You don’t have any evidence against us!” Arnold challenged Levi smugly.

“Then what should I do, old friend? Can you please help me?” Levi faked a plea.

Arnold put on a cunning smile. “That’s very simple. Pay me 200 million and leave Zoey under my care for 1 week. This is not too much to ask, am I right? 200 million should not be a problem now that someone has invested in her company. I’m offering you a fair deal now. Let your wife please me for 1 week in exchange for your safety.” Arnold patted Levi’s shoulder. “Think wisely, Levi. You’re doomed if you cannot fulfill these two conditions. I guarantee you will be sentenced to life imprisonment. You can never escape that place for the rest of your life!”

Levi laughed after Arnold was done threatening him. He sat on the sofa and crossed his legs while puffing on a special cigarette from the army.

His demeanor had changed completely from when he was begging Arnold Botts moments ago.

Arnold stared at Levi incredulously. He’s supposed to be begging me. Why is he acting like the boss now?

“What are you doing, Levi Garrison? Are you tired of living?” Arnold screamed.

Footsteps reverberated inside the room all of a sudden.

Arnold assumed the sound was made by the woman he slept with earlier, so he said harshly. “Didn’t I tell you not to come out here?”

“I’m not allowed to come out here?” Arnold turned his head around immediately when he heard the voice of a man instead. Then, he saw Azure Dragon walking slowly in his direction with a camera in his hand.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Azure Dragon strode up to Levi while disregarding Arnold. “I’ve captured the whole process, Sir!”

Arnold tensed up when he saw the camera. He asked frightfully, “You recorded the whole conversation earlier?”

Clarity washed over Arnold instantaneously. Levi put up a pretense by begging me for mercy. He set a trap for me to spill the truth on my own accord. I did not expect him to do this. Levi Garrison is just a nobody, in my opinion. Perhaps I’ve underestimated him.

Levi checked the footage and said with a smile, “You’re right. I wanted to record just the voices with a recorder. But on second thought, filming the entire process will be more convincing.”

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