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Chapter 172


Chopper slapped another person’s face.

The few thugs following Chopper beat up Clement and his friends mercilessly.

The manager was astounded. Why is he beating up our VIP customers tonight? How did they end up becoming the troublemakers?

“I am certain that they stirred up trouble in this bar!” Chopper interrupted the manager before he could explain.

Unexpectedly, Chopper shuffled toward Levi and said to him politely. “I’m sorry to have bothered you with this inconvenience. I’ve dealt with those idiotic punks, Mr. Garrison.”

“Well done.” Chopper was elated to receive a compliment from Levi.

Suzie and her friends were puzzled. That’s the complete opposite of what happened.

Levi waved his phone at Suzie. “I’ll be taking my leave, then.”

Levi left with Azure Dragon afterward.

Suzie chased after them immediately because Levi still possessed the video that could ruin her life.

But by the time she arrived at the door, Levi and Azure Dragon had disappeared without a trace.

“Boo hoo…” Suzie knelt on the floor as she cried her eyes out. I’ll be doomed if I cannot find Levi Garrison! I’ll have no way to escape imprisonment if he turns in the video.

Suzie was overwhelmed by fear and regret. I cannot go to jail now. I just graduated from university, and I have a bright future ahead of me. Oh! How I wish I can turn back time. I lost sight of everything because of that 1 million offer.

Meanwhile, Phoenix had completed his tasks. He tracked down all the transaction histories and call logs of the waiters that witnessed the event. The waiters were cowering in tears before Phoenix.

Inside a luxurious villa in North Hampton, Arnold Botts was puffing on a cigar while a sexy lady lay on his bed.

He eyed the woman on the bed and sneered, “The next person to fill that position on the bed will be you, Zoey Lopez!”

Many of her ex-classmates had always coveted Zoey because of her beauty, especially those who were now successful and accomplished in life.

Arnold was determined to get his way because this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to sleep with Zoey. I’ll have a taste of the woman who rejected me in the past!

At that moment, someone pressed on his doorbell.

Arnold put on a bathrobe and went to open the door after he cursed that person who disrupted his train of thoughts.

It was Levi who was standing on the other side of the door.

“Oh my! Look at that! Levi Garrison, the man who used to be a powerful figure in North Hampton. Welcome!” Arnold invited Levi into his villa instead of chasing him away.

“Are you here because of your lawsuit?” Arnold asked.

“You’re right. You are the owner of Botts & Ellis LLP, after all. You are the only person I can come to at a time like this.” Levi smiled.

“What’s going on?” Arnold feigned ignorance.

“I am here because no lawyer in the city would represent us in this lawsuit. I was hoping if you could enlighten me on the situation,” Levi answered.

“Haha! Frankly speaking, I arranged for all this to happen. No one in this field will have the guts to accept your case now,” Arnold blurted out the truth because he was not afraid of Levi. In his opinion, Levi was there to beg him for mercy.

“Oh no! It’s you?” Levi pretended to be in disbelief.

“That’s right! I want to drive you and Zoey into a corner. I want both of you to be caught in a helpless and desperate situation. And here you are, coming all the way to my villa to beg me!” Arnold beamed at Levi.

“That means you planned everything with Alaric Taylor’s help?” Levi questioned him.

“Yes! I bribed those witnesses too. My arrangements are flawless! You will have to face death if you do not beg me right now, Levi Garrison!”

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