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Chapter 171

Levi could not care less about the few lowly men surrounding him.

He continued to stare at Suzie. “Is that so? But I saw with my own eyes how drunk you were.”

“Impossible! I wasn’t drunk! I attended a dinner banquet with Ms. Lopez yesterday. Then, you came in and beat those people up. You even tortured them and warned me not to tell anyone!” Suzie summoned her courage and placed the blame on Levi unwaveringly.

“Oh really?” Levi demanded.

Suzie was not afraid because she had her muscular friends’ support. She shrieked angrily. “Don’t you dare pull any tricks on me, Levi Garrison! I’m telling you, you cannot escape the charges pressed against you!”

“You’re an ungrateful human being. Those foreigners would’ve raped you if I did not rescue you last night,” Levi responded.

Fear crept into Suzie’s heart when she was reminded of the frightening scene from yesterday.

But she braced herself and said, “Hmph! That’s not possible. Mr. Dickens is a well-known gentleman. He’s polite toward all ladies. Don’t go judging him with your despicable standards!”

She’s good at telling lies. Levi took out his phone and pulled up his gallery. He then waved his phone in Suzie’s face. “This is the video of you in a drunken state that I took last night. I wonder who is the person touching you in this video? Oops! I believe these hands belong to Mr. Dickens!”

Suzie was dumbfounded when she saw the video. He took a video of me. This video is proof that I falsified my statements! I’ll face time in jail if I’m exposed.

Suzie’s face turned to the shade of chalk instantaneously.

“Delete that video right now!” She made a fruitless attempt to snatch Levi’s phone. Levi nimbly avoided her and got up to leave.

Suzie hurriedly stood up as well. She yelled furiously, “Give me the phone!”

“Why should I give you this phone?” Levi asked.

“Give her the phone immediately!” Suzie’s friends blocked Levi’s path and ordered him in an unfriendly manner.

“Oh please. This is my phone,” Levi said.

One of the men, Clement Marrow, demanded harshly, “I order you to hand the phone over right now! Truth be told, the person in charge of this bar is my brother, Chopper. I guarantee you will not walk out of this place unscathed if you do not give me the phone.”

Her friends’ presence boosted Suzie’s courage. “You’ll suffer greatly tonight if you do not delete the video, Levi Garrison!”

Levi ignored them. Clement reached out to snatch the phone just as Levi continued to walk ahead.


Azure Dragon appeared out of nowhere and punched Clement’s face. Blood splattered everywhere.


Another man fell to the floor.

In a matter of seconds, Suzie’s friends were all lying on the ground.

“Who the hell dares to cause trouble on my turf?” A loud voice pierced the atmosphere inside the bar.

A dozen men rushed toward the scene. They were thugs in charge of the security in that bar.

The bar’s manager had informed them about the fight, so they came in a hurry.

Levi thought that voice was a little familiar. That’s Chopper, who works on the construction site as a helper. He’s one of Nueve’s men.

Chopper’s face turned pale when he recognized Levi’s face. “So, you are the bastards causing trouble on my turf?” Chopper strode past Levi and Azure Dragon and came to a halt in front of Clement and his friends.


Chopper slapped Clement forcefully across his face as the latter spat out a mouthful of blood and a few of his teeth.

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