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Chapter 170

“Okay. I understand now.”

The investment made by the mysterious Mr. Rhodes spread quickly throughout the entire North Hampton.

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was one of the few to take particular interest in that news.

Alaric Taylor, an obese man, was puffing on his cigar inside his office. “Who is this Neil Rhodes? Why have I never heard of him?”

Alaric’s assistant replied. “We’ve investigated his background. There is limited information on him.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with the Rogers family. Why did they give him Levi Group and Garrison Group all of a sudden? Check out the relationship between Neil Rhodes and the Rogers family,” Alaric ordered. Then, he put on a mischievous smile. “It doesn’t matter to me even if you obtained that investment from Levi Group, Zoey Lopez. You cannot save Levi Garrison anyway. This is the repercussion you must face for harming my godson!”

No one expected Charles Dickens to be Alaric’s godson.

Zoey’s company was finally getting back on track after she received the investment. But she must pay the penalty for breaching the contract. Otherwise, Levi will face time in jail. I’m still worried about this because there’s no way I can collect so much money in this short period of time.

Meanwhile, Levi was hanging out with Azure Dragon and the others.

Azure Dragon laughed out loud when he was informed of the ongoing situation. “Hahaha! What a joke! Is there actually someone who has the guts to send you into prison at this time and age?”

Levi shared his thoughts while smoking a cigarette, “I did not expect these foreigners to have the support of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.”

“What are you going to do next, Sir?” Azure Dragon asked.

“Firstly, I’ll visit those people who committed perjury. Then, I’ll deal with the lawyers. The last thing to do is to show the necessary evidence to deport those foreigners,” Levi elaborated.

“Evidence? But there is no evidence as far as I’m concerned.” Azure Dragon was astounded.

However, he quickly gained revelation at the sight of Levi’s sly smile.

Levi Garrison was a man with a plan. He was not only a formidable enemy on the battlefield with unrivaled combat skills, that man was also a brilliant tactician. Dealing with that incident was a piece of cake to him. He had deliberately left traces behind when dealing with Charles and the others last night.

Phoenix took up the responsibility to look for the few waiters in the hotel who had falsified statements as witnesses that night.

Levi and Azure Dragon went to meet with Zoey’s secretary, Suzie. Levi had to deal with matters related to his wife in person.

At that moment, youngsters were dancing to the music inside the Space Bar located in North Hampton.

Suzie treated her friends to party in the bar after receiving a million in cash from Alaric that day. She booked the VIP table in the bar and even ordered the most luxurious meal they had.

Suzie was washing her hand with a bottle of expensive champagne when Levi arrived at the bar.

He sat quietly next to Suzie and chatted with her casually, “Are you having fun spending the money Alaric Taylor gave you?”

Suzie was stunned when she heard Levi’s voice. When did he appear next to me?

“Why are you here, Levi Garrison? And what nonsense did you spout?” Suzie recollected her thoughts after a while.

Levi beamed at her. “I remember you were drunk as well last night. I saved you and arranged for someone to send you home.”

The color drained from Suzie’s face as she listened to him. She refuted his statement firmly. “Nonsense! I wasn’t drunk yesterday, nor did you save me!”

“Go on. Please go on with your lies.” Levi smiled.

Suzie’s male friends stood up and surrounded Levi in an instant. “Who the hell are you, kiddo? What’s going on here?”

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