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Chapter 169

Zoey looked at Levi incredulously. “Are you really capable of acquiring the money?”

“Did I say that I’d pay them? Why should we do that? We’re not at fault in this incident.” Levi smiled.

“But they have all the evidence. We have no other choice but to concede!” Zoey rubbed her temples.

“All you have to do now is to proceed with your work as usual. You can approve the resignations of your employees, but you need to make a statement in advance. Tell them that anyone who quits their job now will not be accepted in Imperial Meadows from now on. The employees who stay with the company through this crisis will receive an increased salary and more benefits,” Levi told Zoey what to do.

“But we have no money to fund our operations now. Moreover, no one will dare to invest in my company after that official warning given by the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce,” Zoey said with uncertainty.

“Just do as I say. Someone will invest in your company today,” Levi assured her.

Zoey placed her faith in Levi and heeded his advice.

She made the announcement as Levi suggested. Many of her employees were enraged to receive the notice.

“There’s no need for me to return to this rubbish company anyway!”

“That’s right! Imperial Meadows is going bankrupt soon. What’s the point of acting tough now?”

Zoey merely endured the insults in silent.

At that moment, a Maybach stopped in front of Imperial Meadows’s building.

A few men got out of the car. The man leading the group was dressed in a suit and wearing a pair of sunglasses.

That man was none other than Kirin. Today, he was playing the role of a company’s president instead of a military instructor.

“Hello, please inform Ms. Lopez that Levi Group’s president, Mr. Rhodes, is here to meet her.” The receptionist immediately contacted Zoey after Kirin’s assistant spoke to her.

Zoey came to the lobby to welcome Kirin in person afterward.

Kirin was a skilled fighter and an experienced instructor, but he wasn’t familiar with business talks. Hence, he addressed Zoey in a straightforward manner, “I am would like to invest in an ongoing project under your company, Ms. Lopez. I’ll provide you a 300 million capital for now. Let’s sign the contract now if you agree to my offer.”

His assistant handed the contract to Zoey after Kirin waved his hand.

Zoey was shocked after she glanced through the agreement. This is not a collaboration. He might as well just give me the money!

Kirin added, “We have an ongoing medical-related project as well. I know your company has expertise in this field, so we will let you handle this project too, Ms. Lopez.”

The assistant handed Zoey another document.

That project would only provide Zoey’s company with a 100 million investment, but that was mainly due to Imperial Meadows’s limited capacity.

“Will you agree to my offer, Ms. Lopez?” Kirin inquired.

“Of course! Thank you so much, Mr. Rhodes!” Zoey expressed her gratitude agitatedly.

Then, she gazed at Kirin curiously. “If you do not mind me asking, Mr. Rhodes, why are you choosing to invest in my company when we’re in a tight spot? I have to ask because I cannot think of a valid reason myself.”

Kirin answered, “Firstly, I have faith in your company’s prospect because your business is in demand. The second reason is that I am not afraid of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.”

“What kind of relationship do you share with Levi Garrison, Mr. Rhodes?” Zoey questioned.

The words slipped out of Kirin’s mouth subconsciously. “He’s my… He’s someone with great potential, in my opinion. Levi Group’s advancement in the medical field was unparalleled in the past. I acquired Levi Group and the Garrison family’s businesses because I do not want this technology to go to waste. I came here to invest in your company partly because of this reason too.”

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