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Chapter 168

He had accepted this case immediately and devised a plan for Alaric Taylor when he heard Zoey was involved in this matter. Arnold ordered his subordinate, “Inform Mr. Taylor to prohibit all the law firms in North Hampton from accepting Zoey’s case using his connections.”

His assistant nodded. “Yes, sir.”

All the law firms in North Hampton soon received the news: No one is allowed to accept Zoey Lopez’s case.

Zoey, on the other hand, was oblivious as she wasted all her time contacting every law firm she could to fight for her lawsuit. But every firm turned her down.

Zoey quickly realized something was wrong after receiving the continuous rejections. Someone is pushing me into the depth of despair. They want to send Levi into prison and ruin everything I have.

Zoey dialed Levi’s number without wasting another second.

Levi was astounded by the turn of events when he arrived at Zoey’s office. I did not expect this to happen. Perhaps I’ve underestimated the Chamber of Commerce’s authority. Well, Arnold Botts’s involvement is out of my initial consideration too.

“We are left with two choices. We can either pay the sum of 800 million or proceed with the lawsuit. But I contacted all the law firms I could, and all of them refused to represent us,” Zoey sobbed.

“You don’t have to think about the lawsuit anymore. They have planned everything, down to cutting off all your resources and connections. But believe me, this is not the extent of their plans.” Levi’s smile widened.

The legal team from Fick Group arrived shortly after as Levi had predicted.

They requested Zoey to compensate them with a sum of 300 million for Charles Dickens’s injuries and the delay of the West City Ecological Park’s progress.

I did breach the agreement. And it is clearly written on the agreement that I have to compensate them with 10 times the amount they invested. Before Zoey had time to catch her breath, Alaric sent his men from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce to visit Zoey.

They offered to purchase Zoey’s company for 300 million, including the West City Ecological Park project.


Zoey was flabbergasted. They planned everything. They are pushing me into the traps they laid out for me, one after the other. I’ll be left with nothing by the time this incident comes to an end. Alaric offered to buy out my company for 300 million. Then I’ll have no other choice but to pay Fick Group with the lump sum for breaching the contract. They will take control of all my assets, worth up to a billion, in a breeze. My assets will depreciate further if I do not agree now since I do not have sufficient cash flow to operate my business at this point. 300 million is already considered a great deal.

Alaric and Arnold were proud of this scheme they devised because they would be able to rob Zoey’s possessions while pushing Levi into jail simultaneously.

Alaric’s subordinate said with a smile, “Our offer coincides with the amount you have to pay Fick Group for breaching the contract. If you agree to our proposal, let’s handle the procedures right away.”

Zoey hesitated. I will have to pay this 300 million sum. I really do not have any other choice. Should I just accept this offer?

“Hesitate no more, Ms. Lopez. Your asset may depreciate to 200 million tomorrow,” That person urged Zoey to agree to his offer.

Levi suddenly voiced out at that moment. “300 million? That’s not a problem!”

Everyone was astounded by Levi’s statement. Zoey was not an exception. 300 million is not a problem? He’s talking big again.

“Don’t worry. I can afford 3 billion, not to mention 300 million. Let’s just wait until tomorrow before we decide anything.”

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