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Chapter 167

Botts & Ellis LLP was a law firm established by Zoey’s ex-classmate, Arnold Botts. That firm was one of the most prestigious firms in North Hampton. They won almost all the cases they accepted.

Zoey was devastated. She was frightened when she saw the injury report. I can’t imagine the things Levi must have done to cause so much damage. But I can certainly picture the troubles we have to face soon.

We will have a tough time ahead because of this injury report alone. Although Charles and his business partners wronged me in the first place, I do not have any evidence that prove their vile acts.

“Also, allow me to inform you this, Ms. Lopez, I am the best lawyer in my firm. Ever since they hired me at Botts & Ellis LLP, the firm had never lost a single case. So trust me, this lawsuit will not be an exception. You should think wisely now!” Baker sneered.

Baker’s assistant added, “I heard your husband, Levi Garrison, was released from prison recently. With his record, it is not so difficult to place him behind the bars again.”

The group of lawyers manipulated the situation to their advantage with the sole purpose of driving Zoey into a corner.

“Alright then, we will be waiting for your reply, Ms. Lopez. Consider your options well.” Baker and the others left afterward.

Zoey was left alone inside her office. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought to herself, Perhaps I can seek help from Arnold. He pursued me in the past, but I rejected him.

Zoey spent a lot of effort to obtain Arnold Botts’s number. Then she called him.

“Oh? Why are you contacting me, Zoey?” Arnold said in a surprised tone.

Zoey forced a smile. “Hello, Arnold. I’ll cut to the chase. I’m facing some difficulties…”

“Yes, I know. You’re talking about the incident involving Levi Garrison and Charles Dickens from Fick Group, am I right?”

“Yes, that’s right. Can you help me with this lawsuit? We can discuss the price to fit your liking,” Zoey pleaded with sincerity.

Arnold grinned. “I am aware of this lawsuit because the best lawyer in my firm accepted the case. I’ll be frank – you’ll have a difficult time trying to win against him for this case. Let me offer you a piece of my mind, Zoey. You should ditch Levi while you can. He’s just a useless man now. Let him return to the jail. Then, you can remarry someone better. Everyone from our high school is doing far better than Levi Garrison. Take me for an example. My law firm, Botts & Ellis LLP, has been flourishing for the past ten years! There are a lot of outstanding lawyers working for me currently,” Arnold persuaded Zoey.

Zoey countered immediately, “Levi did not hurt them on purpose. Charles and his friends tried to take advantage of me after getting me drunk. Levi was merely rescuing me.”

“That’s impossible! I have been friends with Mr. Dickens for a long time now. He’s a gentleman, as far as I’m concerned. He will never do such things. His friends are as noble as him. Do you have any evidence to back your words?” Arnold said.

“You…” Zoey did not expect Arnold to be in cahoots with Charles and his gang.

“Don’t worry, Zoey. I will make sure Baker does a splendid job this time and push for Levi to be sentenced to life imprisonment. You will have the opportunity to ditch him soon.” Arnold laughed wickedly.

“You don’t have to worry about my matters. Moreover, you are not qualified to judge my husband’s character!” Zoey hung up the phone angrily.

Inside the office of Botts & Ellis LLP’s building, Arnold crossed his feet on the table while wearing a suit. He was sipping casually on a cup of coffee.

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