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Chapter 166

Zoey nodded. “Yes. I suppose they’ll be asking for compensation too.”

Levi sipped from his glass and said with a smile, “That’s alright. They’ll regret their decisions soon.”

“What do you mean?” Zoey was puzzled.

“Be patient. Someone will invest in that project very soon,” Levi comforted her.

“Do you have a plan in your mind?” Zoey looked at Levi curiously.

“Don’t worry. This matter will be resolved after today,” Levi assured Zoey and her parents calmly.

But they were not convinced by Levi’s words because they were up against the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Everyone involved in the business world in North Hampton was well aware of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s influence.

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was controlled by the 4 ultra-wealthy families in the cities, under the management of 8 council members.

The chairman of Fick Group’s board of directors, Alaric Taylor, was one of the council members.

Alaric wanted to seek revenge on Zoey and her family because of what happened to Charles.

All the investors for Zoey’s project withdrew their capital because of a single command from him.

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was a formidable organization as they could easily sever all connections related to the Lopez family’s businesses.

The news of Levi’s violent act spread like wildfire in North Hampton that day. They demanded a large amount of compensation and prevented anyone from investing in Zoey’s project.

A lot of companies were interested in the West City Ecological Park project initially because of its promising prospect. The potential investors immediately erased the thought in their minds because of that warning from the Chamber of Commerce.

Zoey was left helpless and clueless as to how she should salvage the situation while being ostracized by the entire industry.

But the bad news did not end there. Zoey’s employees handed their resignation letters one after another. Even the secretary involved in the incident last night quitted her job.

The secretary also made an official statement. She told the public that Charles and his business partners did not step a toe out of the line. They were having an ordinary dinner banquet when she witnessed Levi entering the room and tormenting everyone mercilessly.


Zoey’s mind went blank upon receiving the news. Someone must have bribed her. She suddenly became their witness against Levi. Suzie passed out last night. Charles and his friends would have defiled her if Levi did not show up. Levi rescued her, but she betrayed us! I nourished a viper in my bosom!

Zoey could not fathom Suzie’s abrupt change in loyalty. I picked her out personally among all the fresh graduates, so I certainly did not expect her to do this. I can understand the other employees’ decisions to leave, but Suzie…

Zoey sat in her office gloomily as unprecedented desperation washed over her.

The door to her office was pushed open after some time. A few men clad in suits entered the room.

“Allow me to introduce myself, Ms. Lopez. I am Baker McKenzie from Botts & Ellis LLP. We are hired by Mrs. Dickens to represent her son, Mr. Charles Dickens, in this lawsuit. We came here to inform you about the compensation amount you have to pay our client due to the injuries your husband, Mr. Levi Garrison, inflicted on our client. The sum is 800 million. Please take a look.” Baker handed Zoey a piece of paper.

Zoey’s face turned pale after she skimmed through the document.

“We will press charges against you and your husband if you do not wish to settle this matter in private. We have a large amount of evidence, including surveillance footage, witnesses from the hotel’s waiters, the official statement from Ms. Suzie Bones, and 8 other victims in this incident. Let me remind you – this lawsuit is highly advantageous to us. Please take a look at this injury report too. Do you think you have the liberty to choose, Ms. Lopez?”

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