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Chapter 165

Levi heard the commotion while he was brushing his teeth, but he responded carefreely, “Don’t worry. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“What? The Lopez family’s businesses are collapsing. Even your wife’s company is affected!” Harry yelled angrily.

“You started this mess. So, what do you think we should do now?” Henry asked coldly.

“It’ll be alright. This matter will resolve by itself,” Levi replied nonchalantly.

“Fine! That’s alright. We have a way of resolving our problem!” Harry left furiously with his family.

Aaron looked at his son-in-law helplessly. He thought Levi was impressive when he dealt with the foreigners two days ago, but Levi disappointed him again. Rescuing Zoey was the right thing to do, but he did not need to go to such lengths to teach them a lesson. Now, he caused trouble for everyone because of his reckless actions.

Zoey defended Levi when Caitlyn began to criticize Levi. “Don’t blame him for what happened. This is all because of my careless mistake. There’s no use arguing at this point!”

Aaron’s plan to do a property survey for a new house was ruined. There’s no money to buy a house now, not to mention the possibility of having to compensate others.

Zoey was is a state of agitation. “I’ll figure out a way.”

Levi, on the other hand, was unfazed.

The financial department manager contacted Zoey shortly after. He told her Harry Lopez had withdrawn 100 million from the company’s account.

That sum was the compensation fee paid by the Rogers family because of the psychological trauma they had inflicted on Zoey and her family.

“Father is behaving outrageously! The Rogers family gave Zoey the money. Who gave him the right to take the money from her?” Aaron was mad.

Zoey and Caitlyn were filled with grievances.

Aaron took the initiative to question his father.

“Levi dragged us into this mess, so he should bear the responsibility. It’s not wrong for me to take this money from your family since he is your son-in-law,” Harry retorted.

Aaron clenched his fists. “That’s unreasonable, father. Moreover, you’re committing embezzlement by taking the money away in private. You’re going against the law!”

Harry snorted coldly. “Fine by me. Why don’t you call the cops on me?”

“I…” Aaron fell silent. I can’t do that. Moreover, father is one of the directors in Imperial Meadows’s board of management. The chances of winning an embezzlement lawsuit against him are slim.

Harry added with a sneer, “Have you forgotten about your crime of stealing the documents previously? Your life will be ruined if I turn you in by showing the evidence to the police.”

“I… Anyway, what you’re doing is wrong, father!” Aaron hung up the call furiously.

The Lopez family resolved their family crisis effortlessly after receiving the 100 million sum. They even profited from their selfish action. But Zoey’s company paid the price in return.

Caitlyn lamented, “What can we do? They’ve always been this way. We are used to being mistreated by them. They’ll seize the money sooner or later anyway.”

Aaron and Caitlyn had been victims of familial betrayals on multiple occasions. The Lopez family would butter them up to gain benefits whenever they were doing good. They persuaded Aaron and his family to share their fortune by using the moral obligations of being part of the Lopez family. But whenever Aaron and his family faced troubles, none of their so-called ‘family’ would show up to lend them a helping hand. The other members of the Lopez family would only think of ways to worsen their predicaments and maximize their own profits. Aaron and Caitlyn’s sentiment of treating the Lopez family with sincerity was clearly not reciprocated.

Levi was done freshening up at that time. He poured a cup of warm milk while he questioned Zoey, “Did all of the investors pull out from the project?”

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