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Chapter 164

They must be tired of living to dare lay a finger on Zoey! But Levi did not want to show them mercy by killing them. So he used that method to torture them instead.

Levi finally exited the room with Zoey on his back after a long while. Chloe saw Levi dragging Zoey’s secretary along as well.

“I’m afraid we can’t have our dinner tonight. I’ll treat you to a meal another time. Please help me send her home.” Levi asked Chloe to take care of the secretary.

“Okay. Leave this to me.”

Chloe caught a glimpse of the room before she left. The gory scene was carved into her mind…

The sound of the ambulance pierced the night shortly after Levi left the venue.

Charles and the others were sent to the hospital to receive treatment. They were diagnosed with gastrointestinal bleeding, severe burning of the throat mucosa, and impairment of internal organs due to excessive drinking.

Everyone was puzzled by the amount of liquor they drank to lead to such a disastrous outcome.

Zoey did not sober up until midnight. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Levi beside her.

Zoey was infuriated to learn the truth.

Levi grimaced. Charles and his brothers had invoked my fury. I have shown them mercy by allowing them to live.

Zoey added warily, “You did not kill them, did you?”

“Don’t worry. I merely taught them a brief lesson.”

The next day, someone knocked on the door early in the morning.

Harry, Aaron, and the other members of the Lopez family were at the door.

“How can you be sleeping at a time like this? Something bad happened!” Harry chided.

“What happened?” Zoey was startled.

“This is all thanks to what you and Levi did last night!” Harry glared at her. “Levi tortured Charles and his business partners last night, causing them to suffer grave internal injuries!”

“Oh? Really?” Zoey’s face turned paper-white. This is the brief lesson Levi mentioned?

“You had to offend powerful men like them out of all the people in this world!” Harry pointed at Zoey. “Now you’ve made a mess! The Imperial Meadows and the Lopez family’s business are all ruined!”

“What happened exactly, grandpa?” Zoey asked anxiously.

“Don’t you know? Fick Group is a member of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce! The chairman of Fick Group’s board of directors, Alaric Taylor, announced his desire to take revenge on us! They cut off all monetary supplies, connections, and business partners related to the Lopez family. Your West City Ecological Park project will be the next to suffer!” Harry explained.

Zoey received a phone call swiftly after as they predicted.

One of the investors of the West City Ecological Park, Feliciano Hayes, had withdrawn his capital.

Another phone call followed. This time, it was Roberto Norris calling to inform her of the same thing.

Soon, all of the investors had pulled out from the project.

Zoey’s face turned ashen. Damn it! It’s over. I’m doomed. The West City Ecological Park project is ruined now that they’ve withdrawn their investments. I will have to pay a large amount of compensation too. Not to mention this huge trouble related to Fick Group…

Tears flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably. Why do I have to suffer the consequences when Charles and the others intended to defile me in the first place?

“They are people from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce! This is all because of Levi Garrison! Where is he?”

Everyone was looking for Levi because he was the culprit.

“Do you know what you’ve done, Levi Garrison?” Harry wanted so badly to slap him.

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