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Chapter 163

Drake and Terry rushed to the 6th floor impatiently after they received the news. They had been waiting inside the hotel lobby the entire time.

The pictures of Zoey sent by Charles earlier aroused them.

At that moment, Levi and Chloe reached the Grand Imperial Hotel. He saw the familiar figures of Terry and Drake immediately.

“What are they doing here?” Levi and Chloe chased after them curiously.

The two foreigners entered a private room hastily when they arrived on the 6th floor.

“Something’s wrong.” Levi came to a halt in front of the door.

“So, this woman is Zoey Lopez? She’s exquisite!”

“I heard the women in Erudia are extraordinarily charming, but I certainly did not expect to sleep with a girl as gorgeous as her so quickly!”

Terry and Drake sounded excited.

“We’ll sleep with her right here, right now!” Charles said firmly.

Levi turned to address Chloe. “Do not enter the room no matter what you hear later on!”

Chloe nodded subconsciously as she took in the sinister expression on Levi’s face.


The door to the private room was pushed open just as the people inside were about to get wild.

Someone entered the room and locked the door behind him.

Drake and Terry yelped when they saw Levi. “That’s him, brother! He’s the one who beat us up!”

Charles narrowed his eyes at Levi. “So, you’re Levi Garrison?”

“Yes. That’s me.”

Levi understood they were targeting him because they recognized him instantaneously.

Charles sneered. “Very well. I’m glad you’re here. You will pay the price for harming my brothers. I’ll tie you up and have you bear witness as we ravage your wife tonight!”


All the foreigners inside the room revealed a similar lecherous smile.

In their opinion, Levi had no other choice but to concede because they had the numbers.

Charles and his friends closed in on Levi.


Levi grabbed Charles all of a sudden and kicked him forcefully in his knees.

The latter screamed bloody murder and fell onto the floor.


Levi swung a forceful punch at Charles’s face.

Charles sprawled on the ground in agony.

“Do you like to drink liquor? I’ll make sure all of you drink to your heart’s content!”

There was still plenty of liquor inside the private room.

Levi picked up a bottle of hard liquor and forced the contents down Drake’s throat.


Drake struggled mightily, but he was pinned on the ground as Levi poured bottle after bottle of hard liquor into his mouth.

Levi forced Drake’s jaws together to force the vomit back into his gastrointestinal tract when he wanted to puke.

Drake’s stomach was visibly bloated after he was forced to drink multiple bottles of wine. He rolled on the ground in pain as he retched up blood.

Terry and Charles were met with a similar fate.

Levi unleashed his unprecedented wrath on the brothers that night.

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