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Chapter 162

That man was the owner of Fick Group, Charles Dickens.

Terry and Drake were his younger brothers. They had moved to North Hampton, intending to settle down in the city. But trouble found them almost immediately.

At that moment, Charles’s men had already updated him with the news he wanted to know.

“The person who bullied you is my business partner, Zoey Lopez’s husband, Levi Garrison!” Charles said coldly.

“We must get our revenge against him!” Drake and Terry said fiercely while covering their swollen faces.

Charles’s eyes gleamed dangerously. “Very well. I will toy with his wife since he dared lay a finger on my brothers. Zoey Lopez’s body is too alluring to resist. I will make the arrangements to get her into my bed tomorrow. Both of you will join me by that time. You can have your revenge on her any way you like!”

“Hehehe…” Drake and Terry laughed lecherously.

“That’s the plan for now. I will invite Zoey Lopez to a banquet tomorrow night. Then we will get her drunk…”

The next day, Chloe was waiting at the entrance when Levi exited Bayview Garden.

“Are you waiting for me?” Levi was surprised.

“Are you free tonight? Let me treat you to a meal. I received my salary today, and thanks to you, the amount was very generous indeed. So I feel the need to treat you to dinner,” Chloe said joyfully. I earned a total of 8 million last month because of the commission from the 2 properties Levi bought from me. This is surreal!

“Alright. Tell me the venue. I’ll be there later.”

Chloe was delighted when Levi agreed to her offer. “We’ll have dinner at Grand Imperial Hotel tonight!”

“Got it.”

Meanwhile, Zoey was invited to a dinner banquet hosted by the Fick Group to celebrate their collaboration.

Zoey agreed to attend the banquet without any hesitation because of Fick Group’s sincerity during their previous discussion.

She did not question their intention because they even invited Zoey’s secretary.

The event was held inside the VIP private room in Grand Imperial Hotel that night.

Zoey noticed a lot of people inside the room when she arrived.

Charles introduced the other guests to Zoey as his business partners. They were are eager for an opportunity to collaborate with Zoey’s company.

Zoey completely lowered her guard.

Hard liquor was served during the banquet, but Charles deliberately prepared low-alcohol wine for Zoey and her secretary.

Despite the low alcohol content, they were forced to drink continuously due to the rounds of toasts.

Zoey was getting a little tipsy even though she merely sipped her drink every time.

Charles said courteously. “Ms. Lopez, our norm is quite different from the locals in Erudia. We drink with alacrity when we’re among ourselves, unlike the businessmen we’ve seen in this country!”

Charles did not urge Zoey to drink throughout the banquet. But he would utter comments from time to time, indirectly forcing Zoey to drink the wine to get along with the other business partners.

Zoey had no choice but to obey because she did not want to ruin the atmosphere. Soon, she was drunk.


After a few more rounds, Zoey finally fell face front on the tabletop as her consciousness faded.

A menacing smile spread across Charles’ face at that sight.

Zoey’s secretary sensed the peculiar turn of events, but her condition was no better than Zoey’s.

The secretary passed out as well swiftly after.

Charles and his business partners laughed salaciously at the sight of the two unconscious women inside the room.

They had, in fact, taken some medication to prevent them from getting drunk in advance, so the hard liquor did not affect Charles and his friends.

Charles dialed a number with his phone. “You can come in now, Drake and Terry.”

Then he turned to admire Zoey’s unparalleled beauty after hanging up the phone. “You belong to us tonight, baby!”

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