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Chapter 161

Two people got out of the car and jogged toward the scene in a hurry.

Neville was surprised to see the people moving in his direction. He quickly welcomed them, “I thought you went to attend a meeting, Sir? Why have you returned all of a sudden?”

Mark stared at Neville hatefully. Then he shouted. “You’re fired, Neville Heath!”


Neville was shocked to his core as he looked at Mark in disbelief.

Then he turned to gaze at Levi. I saw him making a phone call earlier. I can’t believe this. Why am I fired?

Neville wanted to retort after recollecting his thoughts, but Mark shoved him aside. “Get lost! I don’t want to listen to your explanation. I am already aware of the entire incident!”

Mark came to a halt in front of Levi in the lobby and addressed the latter with a smile, “Mr. Garrison, I am here to apologize to you after being informed of the things that happened earlier.”

Then, he spoke to his employees, “We will treat our customers on a first come first serve basis according to the rules from now on! Anyone who does not make an appointment will have to wait for their turn. Any employee who makes an exception for any customer will face a similar fate as Neville Heath!”

“Yes!” Everyone agreed with Mark’s announcement.

“Stop processing their documents. They will have to wait in line obediently for their turn!” Mark ordered harshly.

Both foreigners were almost done with the procedures, but Mark erased all their data on the computer. They had no choice but to redo everything.

“That’s the outcome we wanted to see!” Everyone was excited.

Mark then arranged for his employee to reprocess Aaron’s procedure that had been destroyed previously.

The foreigners were dumbfounded. They did not expect Mark to be so adamant.

Mark walked up to them in a displeased manner. “We will not process your documents if you do not apologize. You’ll have to leave the country when the time comes. Consider your options and make a decision now!”

The foreigners exchanged glances and yielded in the end.

They looked at Levi and Aaron. “We are sorry. Is that sufficient?”

“Well, I do not accept your apologies,” Levi responded unexpectedly. “People like you should be deported!”

The crowd supported Levi’s statement. “That’s right! They should be deported. How dare they act like barbarians in this place?”

“Yea! Chase them away!”

Levi contacted Xavier to check the foreigners’ backgrounds.

Xavier discovered a lot of problems with the foreigners’ profiles. For instance, they faked their travel visa. That reason alone was more than enough for them to be deported.

Xavier’s subordinate arrived at the venue swiftly and warned the foreigners to leave the country within a week. Otherwise, they would be deported.

They stared at Levi and Aaron resentfully before taking their leave.

In the end, Aaron achieved his aim and completed the procedure.

He was extremely satisfied with Levi’s performance that day. “You made a wise decision to contact the boss of this place and dealt with this matter effortlessly.” Aaron smiled.

Levi was stunned. Well, technically, the boss came because I ordered him to.

The two foreigners were furious as they went home. We’ll kill you, Levi Garrison!

At that moment, a man dressed in a white suit arrived. He asked the foreigners. “Terry, Drake, have you been given the warning to leave the country?”

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