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Chapter 160

Levi pushed him away and walked towards the hall. His gaze landed on the two foreigners. “Were you the ones who hit him?”

At the sight of Levi, both of them stood up and walked towards him.

“Yes, we were the ones who hit him! Why? Do you want to seek revenge for him?”

The two of them spoke choppy English while looking disdainfully at Levi.

“Apologize! Since you’ve hit him, then you should have the guts to apologize!” Levi ordered.

“Apologize? Impossible! Why should we apologize to you critters?”

Both men looked extremely smug.

Levi and Aaron were considered lowlifes in their eyes.

The two foreigners refused to pay them any attention at all.

“Apologize! You have to apologize for hitting him!”

Levi was very determined. He shot a cold glare at them.

The two foreigners were unhappy with the way Levi was staring at them. As they were much taller than Levi, they looked down at him condescendingly.

One man extended an arm to push him.


However, Levi reacted as quickly as lightning and kicked his knee.

The man groaned when his foot made contact and collapsed onto the ground in agony.


It was the same for the other foreigner. He kneeled down on the ground and screamed in pain.

The both of them struggled to get up, but Levi stepped on their shoulders. They looked deflated and could no longer get up.

They could only kneel down obediently!

“Dad, do what they did to you! Since they slapped you, you will return them the favor!” Levi told Aaron.

Aaron hesitated for a while before walking towards them.

Slap. Slap. Slap…

He gave them few continuous slaps. The clear, crisp sound filled the room.

Aaron let out a breath that he had been holding in all this while.


“This is great! I feel so good!”

Everyone outside clapped and cheered for them.

Who is able to endure the sight of our own being bullied in our own territory?

This is so good!

“Remember, you are in Erudia. You have to cooperate with us at the very least. This is not where you can throw your weight around because of your special privileges!” Levi chastised.

The two foreigners continued to stare at Levi in disdain. “Such a lowlife! Let’s wait and see what will happen to you!”

Neville continued, “Yes, you are doomed! Do you know what you have just done?”

“I asked them for an apology. Was that so wrong?” Levi replied.

He kicked the two foreigners and commanded, “Apologize!”

“First, apologize for jumping the queue!”

“Second, apologize for tearing up the application document!”

“Third, apologize for hitting people!”

At this moment, Aaron thought that his son-in-law was a domineering person.

How is he a useless piece of trash?

Aaron too exclaimed, “Yes! Apologize!”

“Hey! Do you know what on earth you are doing? You are in deep trouble!” Neville shouted.

Levi did not care about what Neville had to say. He stared furiously at the two foreigners and laughed, “You don’t wish to apologize, right? Alright! I have a way to make you obey. Also, you will be deported and kicked out of Erudia.”

“Do you even know what you are doing? Are you crazy? You are finished!” Neville warned.

Levi laughed, ‘Why? Are you unhappy seeing your foreign masters kneel on the ground? I heard that you were the one who gave them such privileges! I would like to ask you – What right do they have to be granted these privileges? Our fellow countrymen have been waiting in queue for 1 to 2 hours, and yet you let these foreigners jump the queue as they like! Are you going to keep this up?”

“Let me tell you this! I will not settle your paperwork for you from now on!” Neville threatened them.

“Haha… then let’s wait and see!”

At this moment, a white luxury car stopped outside.

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