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Chapter 158


Aaron was stunned.

The others too.

They did not expect the two foreigners to be so daring.

They actually tore up someone’s document!

“Lowlife! Scram! Get out of our way!”

The two foreigners pointed their middle fingers at Aaron again. They cursed and insulted him, and even shoved him around.

Aaron was furious. “I will fight you till the end!”

Aaron was certainly not their opponent. They were about 1.9-meters tall. Soon, he had two slap marks on his face.

A huge commotion erupted.

The staff from the Housing Authority appeared.

A middle-aged man said angrily, “I am Neville, the director on duty today. If there is anything, please let me know!”

Everyone shouted, “They jumped the queue! They even tore up someone’s application document and hit the man!”

Aaron too cried and complained about what had happened to him.

Despite their complaints, the director immediately sent the two foreigners into the hall.

“Gentlemen, please come with me. You have more important business matters to attend to.”

Neville actually did such a thing with so many pairs of eyes looking at him.

Such an action naturally made everyone angry, and they reacted strongly to the situation.

“Why? Why are they allowed to enter?”

“Yes, why can they jump the queue? Do foreigners have special privileges?”

Neville signaled everyone to calm down and keep quiet.

“Let me explain why! Some people have special privileges! They’ve come to our country to help us develop and generate as much income as possible to spur our economy. Compared to most of you, their affairs are more important! So what if they jumped the queue? They did not really affect you, did they?” Neville made an attempt to explain.


“What do you mean but? If you don’t wish to proceed, then please leave!” Neville was harsh.

Everyone got back in line and did not protest anymore.

Aaron was furious. He lashed out, “How about what happened to me? Give me an explanation! My document was torn!”

Neville looked at the pieces of paper on the floor and said coldly, “Your document is torn? Then make another application!”

“Then how about them laying their hands on me?” Aaron pointed at his face.

Neville laughed, “My staff said that you were the one who started it first!”

“You…” Aaron was exploding with rage.

Just then, an employee ran out and whispered in Neville’s ear.

Neville’s expression changed as he glowered at Aaron, “Do you still wish to continue with your application?”

Aaron was stunned, “What do you mean?”

“The two gentlemen are really angry with your behavior just now! They want you to kneel down and apologize to them before they can forgive you!” Neville said.

Aaron could not believe his ears, “What? They were the ones who jumped the queue and ruined my document. Why should I kneel down and apologize? What kind of law is that?”

“You are obviously in the wrong!” Neville said in a serious tone.

Aaron was shocked at his response, “My fault?”

“Did you know? The two gentlemen are important figures! Their business enterprises generate a lot of revenue and have provided many jobs. This benefits all of you in North Hampton! Their time is precious, so what’s wrong with them jumping queue?”

“You actually wasted their time, so isn’t that your fault?”

Aaron was shocked at the warped reasoning, “What do you even mean? Me?”

“You? What about you? Do you still want to carry on with the paperwork? I have made myself clear. If you are not going to apologize to them, then you can forget about settling your paperwork! Trust me, I can blacklist you forever!”

Neville was obviously threatening him.

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