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Chapter 155


After hearing this, Aaron and Caitlyn roared in laughter.

“What are you talking about? The Rogers family will come here to apologize? Are you drunk?”

“The Rogers family is one of the most highly regarded aristocratic families in North Hampton. They have assets worth tens of billions. Why would they come to apologize to you?” “

“Do you honestly think you are such an important figure? Beating up Oswald and even getting them to bring him here to make an apology?”

Aaron and Caitlyn looked at Levi.

They simply could not believe it!

Zoey was not going to believe him either!

Even the Levi who was at his peak six years ago would not have such a capability!

Abigail saw that they did not believe him and smiled in secret.

As she was reminded of what happened at the celebration, she shot a look of envy towards Zoey. In Abigail’s eyes, Zoey was the most fortunate woman on earth.

However, Abigail felt that she had an advantage over her cousin because she knew about Levi’s real identity.

Abigail felt a warm, fuzzy feeling in her heart when she thought about it.

Zoey looked at Abigail and asked, “Abigail, is that so?”

Abigail shook her head, “I don’t know!”

She was in the living room at that time, so it was true that she did not know the details.

Levi said, “I spoke privately with the Rogers family. Abigail was not around.”


“Who do you think you are? What right do you have to talk privately with the Rogers family?”

Aaron and Caitlyn laughed.

Zoey also thought that Levi was bragging, so she did not take it to heart.

Aaron and Caitlyn did not leave that night. They continued to stay in Bayview Garden.

There was a knock on the door the next morning.

Zoey opened the door and got a shock.

Glenn, Anthony, and the others were here. They even brought Oswald, who came in a wheelchair.

“Why are you here…”

Zoey appeared confused.

Aaron and Caitlyn were extremely puzzled.

“Ms. Lopez, the Rogers family is here to make an apology to you! On behalf of Oswald’s foolish behavior, we would like to sincerely apologize to you!”

Glenn, Anthony, and the others bowed.


At the same time, Glenn kicked the wheelchair, and it tipped over.

Oswald, who was handicapped, toppled to the floor. His voice trembled, “Ms. Lopez, I-I am in the wrong, I will n-never dare to do it again… Please forgive me!”

At this moment, Zoey and her parents were in total shock. Their minds went blank.

They never expected that the Rogers family would come over to make an apology!

Levi was right!

“In order to express our sincerity, we would like to compensate Ms. Zoey Lopez with a 100 million for any psychological harm caused! The sum of money has been wired into Imperial Meadows Limited’s bank account,” Glenn said.

Zoey’s phone rang. It was a message from the finance department. There was indeed a transfer of 100 million.

“Get up quickly!”

Seeing all these rich aristocrats standing in front of her, Zoey’s heart could not stop racing.

Aaron and Caitlyn were also frightened.

Glenn asked, “Ms. Lopez, can you please forgive us?”

“Yes!” Zoey exclaimed.

“That’s great! Goodbye, Ms. Lopez!”

The Rogers family left quickly, dragging Oswald away.

At this moment, Levi sauntered over, drinking a cup of warm milk, “Have they apologized?”

“Levi, how did you do it? Oh my god! Glenn from the aristocratic Rogers family actually came to make an apology!” Aaron and Caitlyn looked at Levi curiously.

Zoey thought that it was miraculous.

“Very simple! I made things clear to the Rogers family. Besides, they are also quite understanding and reasonable!” Levi said plainly.

Indeed, I reasoned things out with them last night. With guns pointing at their faces, how could they not understand and be reasonable?

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