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Chapter 154

“It’s really over! Do you not believe me?” Abigail said helplessly.

Pamela stared at Levi and said, “Abigail, why did you even bring him here? How embarrassing!”

“Yes! If not for you, what right does he have to attend the celebration?”

Bailey shot back at Abigail and proceeded to enter the venue with Pamela.

Abigail really wanted to tell them that the celebration ended because of Levi.

However, her parents had already gone ahead.

Bailey and Pamela were in shock when they entered the venue.

There was not a single soul in sight.

They saw Glenn and the others on their knees, drenched in cold sweat.

They tried their best to get an answer from the Rogers family, but no one revealed the reason.

Outside, Levi looked at Abigail whose head was lowered. She seemed fearful of him, so he could not help but ask, “Why are you afraid of me? I am still your brother-in-law.”

Abigail lifted her head all of a sudden and planted a kiss on Levi’s face.


Thankfully, Levi was quick to respond, if not, Abigail would have kissed him.

Levi was shocked by Abigail’s reaction, “W-What are you doing?”

Abigail chuckled in delight, “Brother-in-law, you were so cool just now!”

Flabbergasted, Levi almost vomited blood.

Wasn’t she terribly afraid of me just now?

Why did she try to kiss me all of a sudden?

Young girls have such strange ideas these days!

As they headed towards the car, Abigail laughed and said, “Brother-in-law, you are my idol from now on!”

Two strange things happened in North Hampton today!

Firstly, the Rogers family’s 40th-anniversary celebration had been suddenly interrupted. All the guests left without a reason. Why was that so?

Secondly, news broke out that a mysterious man known as Neil Rhodes had taken over both the Garrison Group and Levi Group.

With regard to these two matters, the Rogers family kept shut about them, saying that they were trade secrets.

“What on earth is the Rogers family doing, handing over Levi Group and the Garrison Group?”

“What was the Rogers family’s celebration about? So secretive!”

“Who is this person called Mr. Rhodes? How is he related to them?”

The news spread across several luxurious villas in North Hampton, attracting the attention of the four giants of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

When Levi and Abigail returned home, Aaron and Caitlyn were around.

Caitlyn stared at Levi, “You are forever frolicking around with nothing better to do. If you are so free, why don’t you help Zoey out? Why bother attending such a celebration? Are you even qualified to be there?”

Bailey humphed, “Yes, that’s right. Levi, we hope that you can rely on your own ability to attend such a celebration instead of depending on Abigail!”

Zoey also felt that Levi liked to join in the fun at such celebrations.

Casting all grievances with the Rogers family aside, she felt that there was no need for Levi to attend the celebration since he did not have the status to do so.

Levi laughed, “Dad, Mum, and Zoey, I was at the Rogers family to deal with something!”

Aaron, Bailey, and the others were dubious when they heard Levi. They asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I went to settle some scores with Oswald!” Levi responded.

Zoey was shocked.

She was afraid that Levi would do something foolish. Things would get out of hand if they were targeted by the Rogers family.

Zoey told her parents about what happened the other day.

“What? So it was Oswald who planned the entire thing! But Levi, what did you do? You almost beat Oswald to death? Do you want to die?”

“If you plan to die, then don’t drag us into it!” Aaron and Caitlyn spoke angrily.

Zoey asked, worried, “What did you do to the Rogers family today?”

Levi said, “The Rogers family will bring Oswald here personally to make an apology!”

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