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Chapter 153

The Rogers family replied, “God of War, even though we planned everything under Oswald’s name back then, the Rogers family actually benefited the least from it.

We only benefited from a small part of the core technologies and took over Levi Group! The bulk of it went to the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!”

“North Hampton Chamber of Commerce?” Levi furrowed his eyebrows.

“Yes, it is made up of the 4 aristocratic families – the Hendersons, the Williamsons, the Andersons, and the Robinsons. There are also a lot of business associations consisting of rich corporations. They dominate North Hampton, and are in a tight competition with Winston Gonzales, the richest person in North Hampton!” Glenn said.

Levi knew about the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

The former hegemon of North Hampton’s world of commerce.

It was known that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce held nearly half of North Hampton’s economic lifeline.

Their annual GDP contributions were frightening!

When Levi succeeded in starting his own business, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce wooed him to join them. However, their condition was that he had to hand over the core medical technologies of Levi Group.

Levi rejected the proposal.

In retrospect, Levi had already been a target of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Because he had rejected them, he was maimed and imprisoned. His brother had been killed, and his wife had lived as a widow for six years.

The business world was akin to a battlefield and might even be more deadly.

Despite how decent wealthy entrepreneurs looked on the surface, they could actually be bloodsucking cannibals, swallowing people up whole!

The number of people who had lost their lives because of the rich was unfathomable!

Levi was insignificant to them, so many people might have forgotten about him.

He was not worth remembering at all!

At this moment, Azure Dragon and Phoenix had arrived. They informed Levi that those online products were from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Tap tap tap…

Levi tapped his fingers rhythmically on the armrest.

“Since that is so, let North Hampton Chamber of Commerce disappear!” Levi ordered.

The Rogers family were on the floor, not doubting what Levi said.

The four giants of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce believed that their wealth dominated North Hampton with their influential businesses. No one could affect them.

Messing with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was akin to messing with North Hampton’s foundation!

However, they would not expect the God of War to be the one messing with them!

Glenn asked, “God of War, will the properties and businesses under Levi Group and the Rogers family be transferred to you?”

“Transfer them to Kirin!” Levi said.

Within a few hours, all the properties and businesses under Levi Group, the Garrison family, and the Rogers family were transferred to Kirin.

Kirin’s real name was Neil Rhodes.

From then on, Neil became the new owner of all the Rogers family’s assets.

As for the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, Levi wanted to take his sweet time torturing them. He wanted to see them go insane with his tricks and watch them become fearful as they beg for death’s arrival.

Levi’s gaze fell on Anthony all of a sudden. “Did you say earlier that you wanted to attack and kill me?”

Anthony was shocked to hear Levi’s words. “Please spare my life, spare my life…”

Levi stood up and smiled, “Spread the news! Say that Mr. Rhodes has become the owner of Levi Group and Garrison Group!”

“Understood!” Glenn responded.

“Oh yes, I hope to see Oswald tomorrow morning. He owes my wife an apology!”

There was a look of malice in Levi’s eyes!

After that, Levi left, bringing Abigail along with him.

When they were about to reach the exit, they bumped into Pamela and Bailey.

“Abigail, why are the both of you leaving?” Pamela asked curiously.

Abigail looked at them, feeling confused. “Dad, Mum, the celebration is over.”

Bailey retorted immediately, “What rubbish! It only started 30 minutes ago. The celebration lasts for about 4 hours, doesn’t it?”

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