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Chapter 152

When May saw Levi’s gaze settle on her, her breathing quickened, and she struggled to breathe.




Leon, Bryce, and others could not withstand such immense pressure. They fainted and collapsed onto the ground with a loud thud.

May and Yoyo were extremely nervous.

With his status, Levi had the authority to sentence them to death!

Levi looked at the two women and laughed, “Just now, didn’t you ask me if I regretted rejecting both of you last time?”

May and Yoyo did not dare to look into Levi’s eyes.

“Let me tell you this now. I have never regretted it! No matter when or what happens, I will only choose Zoey! Whether she is poor or rich, young or old, I will still choose her!” Levi said.

At this moment, May and Yoyo envied Zoey so much.

Six years ago, they had been green with jealousy when Levi and Zoey got together.

They were even more jealous of them now!

Levi was at the pinnacle of the military regime of Erudia. He was invincible and possessed all the power in his hands.

Even if that was the case, he would not forsake or abandon his wife.

This is deep, profound love!

Many people were extremely touched.

Not taking Levi’s identity into account, their love and affection towards each other was a subject of envy.

One will not leave, and the other will not be abandoned.

Abigail was the most envious of them.

Finally, Levi said to the two of them, “Like what Abigail said, her brother-in-law was at his peak six years ago, and now, her brother-in-law is still at his peak!”


Upon hearing Levi’s words, Yoyo and May could not take it and fell onto the ground.

They were drenched in cold sweat.

Levi and Kirin arrived at the front row and sat down.

He had Kirin and Abigail beside him. Steven Shaw was there too!

The moment Levi appeared, people no longer had the word ‘master’ in mind!

At this moment, everyone understood why Kirin had worn his military uniform.

He was not here to attend the celebration.

He was here on a mission!

Levi waved his hand.

Kirin understood immediately.

Kirin commanded the mass of people, “Except for the Rogers family, everyone else, please leave quickly! Please keep this matter confidential. You will be asking for trouble if you dare to reveal this!”

With this in mind, everyone made their way out, dying to escape from the scene as quickly as possible.

Leo Watson and the others were carried away.

May and Yoyo crawled out.

The venue was cleared very soon. Levi said to Abigail, “Abigail, please wait for me in the living room. I need to settle some matters.”

Abigail also left obediently.

After that, everyone from the Rogers family knelt in front of Levi.

They kowtowed before him, begging for mercy.

“Where is Levi Group?” Levi asked.

“Please take it back! Levi Group has always been yours!”

“How about the Garrison family’s properties?” Levi questioned further.

“They are also yours!”

Levi continued, “Rogers family?”

At this moment, everyone in the Rogers family hesitated.

However, Glenn responded immediately and said, “Also yours!”

Levi lit a cigarette and smiled, “Alright, then let’s start discussing more important matters.”

“Back then, you framed me, killed my friend, and even seized everything from the Levi Group. Why did you do that?” Levi questioned.

“God of War, it was you who dabbled in the pharmaceutical and technology markets back then, and the Rogers family coveted your core technologies!” The Rogers family answered honestly.

Levi took a deep breath before continuing, “Give me the names of the others who were involved in this matter back then!”

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