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Chapter 151


Extremely shocking!

This was definitely the most unforgettable thing ever experienced by the thousand people present at the scene!

Monica, Yelda, Zak, and the others did not think that they would bump into Levi here, let alone come to find out that he was a king among peasants.

Kirin continued to say, “God of War, please follow me to the first row. It is the only place befitting of your status!”

Levi nodded his head, “Mm.”

The audience was slowly recovering from their shock.

Kirin turned around slowly and looked at the Rogers family. He said, “Glenn, didn’t you ask me who my master is? Let me tell you, my master is none other than the commander-in-chief of the Nine Great War Zone, Erudia’s only 5 Star God of War!”

“Oh yes, his name is Levi!”

Upon hearing Kirin’s declaration, Glenn could not suppress the congested blood in his mouth and coughed it out violently.

Anthony’s face darkened. He staggered and collapsed on the ground.

Leo’s blood pressure spiked, and he fainted under the sudden pressure.

Each member of the Rogers family was at the verge of a breakdown.

Levi is actually the God of War!

This was what the Rogers family was most unwilling to accept!


A major disaster was approaching the Rogers family!

The Rogers family was on its way to destruction, starting from the moment Kirin stood beside Levi!

No one was able to rescue the Rogers family!

“What? Levi is the God of War? I don’t believe it! I don’t believe this!” Yoyo was unwilling to accept the fact.

Yoyo had felt carefree after Levi had been ridiculed. The chain of events had allowed her to make a quick comparison between Levi and Luke, and Luke had come above.

She thought that Levi would never be able to match up to Luke in this lifetime!

However, in the blink of an eye, Levi transformed into Erudia’s God of War!

Before him, Luke was a nobody!

Yoyo could see a world of difference between them, but she was unwilling to accept the truth.

Leon Watson and the others were shocked to realize that the boy they used to bully had turned out to be someone extremely outstanding!

He is the only 5-Star God of War!

Levi did not retaliate when they insulted him just now, not because he was fearful, but because he could not be bothered with them.

They were insignificant to Levi, so there was no point crushing them under his feet!

May stared in disbelief.

Like everyone, she also thought that Levi had fallen from the peak of his success.

She also tried to step on him in order to derive some sort of pleasure!

However, who would have thought that he could grow significantly stronger and more powerful in a span of six years?

Abigail broke into a cold sweat and looked at Levi in fear.

Levi touched her head and smiled, “Silly girl, why are you so anxious? Regardless of my identity, I am still your brother-in-law.”

“Oh.” Abigail trailed after Levi.

With everyone looking at them, Kirin took the lead while Levi and Abigail followed behind. They walked slowly towards the front.

When they saw Levi inching closer towards them, May and Yoyo felt as though their hearts were about to fly out of their throats.

At this moment, their hearts felt as though they were about to explode.

Levi then stopped at their row all of a sudden.

At that instant, May, Yoyo, and the others felt like dying.

They felt numb all over as though an electric current had passed through their bodies, electrocuting them.

A gust of cold air rushed up from the soles of their feet, instantly making their blood freeze.

Levi barked, “Get out of the way!”

At his command, the people in the row excused themselves from both ends, leaving only May and the others behind.

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