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Chapter 148

To the Rogers family, being noticed by the Kirin King of War was a blessing to Oswald!

Anthony Rogers was more exhilarated than any of his other family members. It was a great honor that his son had received such a flattering compliment from Kirin.

Audible whispers could be heard from the crowd.

They were all envious of the attention given to the Rogers family by Kirin.

Kirin had even made a special mention of the successor of the Rogers family! It was almost unbelievable!

Glenn and Anthony shot each other a meaningful look.

They were both burning with hatred for Levi Garrison and wished that they could skin him alive at this instant.

If Oswald had not been injured by Levi, he would have been able to join the other members of the family at today’s ceremony and receive compliments from Kirin in person.

It was entirely Levi Garrison’s fault!

“Sir, my grandson is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries.” Glenn did not dare to deceive Kirin and gave a truthful reply.

“Oh, it’s fortunate that he’s in the hospital though. At least it’s not the crematorium,” Kirin said with a wry laugh.

“Huh?” The Rogers family members were puzzled, as they were unable to comprehend the meaning behind the man’s words.

However, they still laughed along.

“This way please, Sir!”

Glenn personally ushered Kirin down the stage and to his seat—the center seat of the front row!

It was the seat reserved for the most important guest of the night.

Everyone knew that only the Kirin King of War was deserving of that seat.

No one else would dare to claim that seat.

Once Kirin stepped off the stage, the other military officers, including Steven Shaw and Yash Warner, all stood up respectfully and waited for Kirin to take his seat.

Besides the military officers’ veneration for him, Kirin was also reverenced by a majority of the other guests.

With 20 high-ranking officers and the King of War gathered together to celebrate the Rogers family’s anniversary, the family was immensely gratified and felt triumphant!

Glenn Rogers led Kirin to the seat right at the center, which was specially reserved for the man, and said, “Sir, please take your seat! We have specially left the best seat in the house for you. No one else would dare to sit here!”

“Please have a seat, Sir!” Yash Warner said to his commander as well.

However, Kirin remained standing at the spot and did not move.

He neither sat down nor walked away. He was simply in a daze as he stared at the empty seat.

Everyone was at a loss as to what to do or say next, especially the Rogers family.

What could Kirin be thinking about?

It was almost impossible to read the thoughts of a big wheel like the King of War.

Glenn was so nervous that his legs turned wobbly. After taking a deep inhale, he plucked up the courage to ask, “Sir, is there anything concerning you?”

“Did you just say that this is the best seat in the house?” Kirin asked.

Even though Glenn was a little puzzled at the man’s question, he gave a firm nod and answered, “Yes, indeed! This is the best seat which we have specially arranged for the most important person here tonight!”

Kirin’s lips curled into a faint smile as he said, “If that’s the case, I’m afraid I shouldn’t be sitting here. I’m not qualified to take this seat, I can at most only take the one beside it!”

Everyone was shocked by the King of War’s declaration. People were boggled that Kirin had implied that there was someone more important than him!

“What? Who else would be more worthy than the Kirin King of War?”

A burst of helpless laughter escaped Glenn’s lips as he said, “Sir, stop pulling our legs. You are our most prestigious guest of the night, and the only person who’s entitled to this seat!”

However, Kirin shook his head and insisted, “No, I’m really not!”

“Huh? Can you please enlighten us then, Sir? Who could be a better fit than you for this chair? We really have no idea!”

Glenn and the rest racked their minds for a potential individual but still could not figure out who else could be on par with the Kirin King of War!

Kirin smiled and said, “The only person who can sit here is not me. It’s someone else instead.”

“There’s someone else?” Glenn was even more confused.

“Yes, he is the only person who’s entitled to this seat. That person I’m referring to is also here with us tonight. I’ve already spotted him!”

Everyone was intrigued by the ‘someone’ whom Kirin was being secretive about.

“There’s someone among us who is of a higher status than the King of War?”

This sudden new revelation caused a great commotion among the crowd.

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