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Chapter 147

Kirin went up the stage with a stoic face.

The Rogers family had prepared a gift for the man and had arranged for it to be presented to him on stage. This moment had come!

Members of the Rogers family were all in a state of ecstasy as they looked at Kirin standing on stage in his military uniform.

This instant was the highlight of the Rogers family’s 40th-anniversary celebration!

The rest of the guests in the audience had looks of envy on their faces as they witnessed this glorious moment.

After today, the Rogers family’s status among the wealthy and powerful families was bound to be raised by a few notches.

Overwhelmed with excitement, Glenn announced, “Next, on behalf of the Rogers family, l would like to present the Kirin King of War a token of appreciation!”

Escorted by eight bodyguards, Luke Quarrell walked on stage, holding an exquisite gift box in his hands.

“Look, Yoyo! It’s your boyfriend, Luke! He must have gained recognition and is extremely trusted by the Rogers family to be entrusted with such an important task!”

“Exactly! He’s one of few who get to be in such close contact with the Kirin King of War! That’s so impressive!”

“Yeah! How can Levi compare to Luke?”

Hansen Wood and Leo Watson were engaged in an animated conversation, showering Luke Quarrell with compliments.

Yoyo was all smiles and wore a slightly smug expression on her face.

Her reaction was equivalent to admitting that Luke was indeed her boyfriend!

The woman was also thankful that Levi had previously rejected her. Otherwise, she would not have been able to be a part of such a momentous occasion now!

The other people around, who had overheard Hansen and Leo’s conversation, had also turned their gazes towards Yoyo. They seemed to be also admiring her good fortune.

Yoyo was enjoying the feeling of being envied by all and derived great satisfaction from it.

She even felt like standing up and shouting out loud: Do you guys see that? That man over there who is presenting the gift to the Kirin King of War is my boyfriend!

Yoyo deliberately turned around to look at Levi.

It was as though she was silently conveying a message to the man, telling him that he was not good enough for her.

Luke went up on stage and stopped next to Kirin. Holding the gift box with both hands, he extended his arms.

Glenn did a brief introduction of the gift, saying, “This present, which we have specially chosen for the Kirin King of War, was custom-made by Patek Philippe. It’s one of its kind and worth ten million! We felt that only a unique timepiece like this would suit the King of War’s honorable status!”

Glenn paused and looked at Kirin before continuing, “Please don’t misunderstand, Sir. This is purely a token of appreciation from the Rogers family, to thank you for being here with us on this significant occasion. I can promise, in front of the media and everyone else present, that we have no other intentions. It’s just meant to be a souvenir, and we hope that you will accept it!”

Glenn wanted to avoid unnecessary rumors about the Rogers family attempting to bribe the Kirin King of War and also hoped to ease any concerns which Kirin might have.

“Open it!”

When Luke opened the gift box, the exclusive watch sprang into sight.

It was indeed a stunning beauty and definitely worth the high value of ten million!

With slightly shaky hands, Luke presented the watch to Kirin.

This could be considered the greatest achievement of Luke’s life so far.

The audience held their breaths when Kirin accepted the gift.

Successive gasps of astonishment could be heard among the other guests.

Guests in the front row, who were closest to the stage, even had goosebumps when they took in the sight. They consisted of representatives from other wealthy and powerful families.

Even though the acceptance of the watch by Kirin seemed like a simple gesture, it held profound significance.

This could mean that the Rogers family would have Kirin’s backing from now onward!

With this, the Rogers family would dominate the rest of the wealthy and powerful families in North Hampton and might even become one of the most formidable families in the country.

“Sir, would you like to say a few words?” Glenn Rogers asked Kirin tentatively.

Kirin suddenly flashed an unfathomable smile and said, “Where’s Oswald Rogers? I’ve heard since long ago that Mr. Oswald is a rare, unparalleled talent in North Hampton! I don’t seem to see him here today?”

The hearts of everyone from the Rogers family skipped a beat when they heard Kirin’s question.

Two people had asked about Oswald today.

The first one was Levi Garrison.

And now, it was Kirin!

What were the odds that two seemingly unrelated people had asked the same question on the same day? That raised question marks for the Rogers.

It was almost as though they had discussed it prior and colluded to ask the same question on the same day.

The idea was also reinforced by the knowing smile on Kirin’s face.

However, it was merely a passing thought.

Instead of feeling uneasy, the Rogers were actually delighted that the Kirin had asked the question!

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