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Chapter 145

“You are so disappointing!”

Yoyo shook her head and looked at Levi in disgust.

Are you now depending on tall tales to console yourself?

May and the others were now taking Levi as a joke.

Hansen laughed as he said, “Levi, did you see Luke just now? That’s Yoyo’s boyfriend. How can you compare yourself to him? He is more awesome than you were six years ago when you were at your peak!”

“Haha, Yoyo, do you now see what a poor choice you made at that time? Your judgment was really horrible!”

“Now that you have chosen Luke, you just escaped from a great tragedy!”

Yoyo was still feeling glad.

She often imagined Levi’s expression of regret, hoping to see it in person one day.

And now, her wish had come true!

“Brother-in-law, let’s leave. Just ignore them!”

Abigail was so furious that she felt she would kill the two women if she listened to their insults any longer.

“Listen, you guys, truth be told, he was once at the pinnacle of success. Now, he is still at the peak!”

With that, Abigail took Levi away from the place.

The moment they left the guest hall, they ran into the Rogers family.

Leading the group was naturally the domineering Glenn, followed by Anthony, Pamela, and the others.

“Grandpa, uncles, dad, mom…”

Abigail greeted them cheerfully.

However, Glenn and the clan were looking at Levi.

“Levi? Hahaha…”

Suddenly, Glenn broke out in laughter.

Anthony went to Levi and whispered in his ear, laughing, “I promise you that you won’t leave this place alive!”

It was an undisguised threat!

Levi laughed as he replied, “Why isn’t my old classmate, Oswald here? Is he hospitalized and unable to come? “

Pamela and Bailey Black did not know about it. Immediately, they replied, “What nonsense are you talking about, Levi? Oswald is perfectly fine!”

However, Glenn and the others were disturbed.

In fact, they were bursting with fury, ready to kill Levi!

He was challenging the power of the Rogers family!

Levi continued laughing as he said, “Go on with the treatment. Our country, Erudia, has lots of fine doctors. There’s no need to seek any doctors from abroad.”

With these words, silence fell on the group.

Glenn’s countenance looked crazed.

Levi knows about the doctor from abroad!

Other than the Atkinson family and the people who abducted the doctor, no one knew about this.

Everyone looked at Levi with suspicion in their eyes.

Can it be possible that Levi orchestrated the abduction of the doctor?

How can that be possible?

Military helicopters were used, and mercenaries were employed.

How can Levi do all that?

It is impossible!

We have thoroughly checked Levi’s present situation. He has few helpers – only Nueve, Trey, and some others are giving him aid.

We can only suspect that he knows about the foreign doctor, that is all.

“Ho ho ho…”

Levi laughed mysteriously and left with Abigail.

Glenn and the clan were left wondering.

Nevertheless, they were certain deep down that Levi only knew about the doctor and was not responsible for the abduction.

Just then, a staff of the Rogers family ran over to them and reported, “Master, there is a problem with the dinner. We need some help to resolve it.”

The dinner and the celebration were equally important. Nothing must go wrong.

Glenn instructed Pamela and Bailey Black, “You both go and resolve the dinner problem. It must go on without a snag!”

“Yes, father!”

The men of the Rogers family must attend the celebration ceremony.

Hence, the only person they could send was Pamela.

By now, almost all the guests had arrived.

Everyone was seated according to their seating arrangement. Due to her relation to Levi, Abigail was seated at the back of the hall, close to the center aisle instead of near the front.

The Rogers family would never let Levi sit near the front.

May, Yoyo, and the others were seated near the front, close to the center.

Before they took their seats, they waved to Levi to show him that they had better seats.

In a short moment, the guests had filled the few hundred seats.

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