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Chapter 144

Yoyo would not be moved even if a blast from the past returned in the form of the man she idolized eons ago.

The crux of the matter was that the present Levi was far inferior compared to Luke.

Seeing Levi today, Yoyo became more determined than ever to choose Luke.

May, Leon, and the others quickly greeted Luke when he arrived.

Luke’s status was too high, way above theirs.

They should try to associate with him more.

Yoyo smiled as she asked Luke, “What’s wrong, Luke?”

“While you were chatting, you mentioned something taboo to the Rogers family…” Luke looked right and left as he replied.

“Oh? Taboo?”

Yoyo’s face turned pale.

Luke nodded and said, “Who gave the information that the profits of the Rogers family are related to Levi’s core technology?” “Do not listen to rumors!” “The core technology was invented by the Rogers family’s own technical team. It has nothing to do with Levi.”

“Don’t say such things again. It’s alright if I hear it, but if any other of the Rogers family members were to hear that, you will get into trouble.”

“I understand. I do understand…”

May and the others were afraid when they heard this.

Yoyo nodded her head too.

The truth was that everyone knew what really happened with the medical technology invention.

It must not be said in public, though.

Levi heard and understand exactly what was happening.

He could only feel upset that the Rogers family members were shameless.

Undeniably, they had profited by using his techniques. Yet, no one was allowed to even mention that.

It was absolutely shameless.

Yoyo saw that Luke was accompanied by a dozen bodyguards. In the midst of them, an assistant held a password-protected attaché case.

Out of curiosity, she asked, “Luke, what are you delivering?”

Luke laughed as he replied, “This is a gift for Kirin. It’s priceless, so I need to keep an eye on it personally.”

In an instant, May and the rest became curious.

Even Levi’s curiosity was piqued.

What would the Rogers family give to Kirin, the scoundrel?

Yoyo laughed, “Luke, what’s inside there? Can you tell me?”

Luke whispered, “The gift to Kirin is a watch! It is a custom-made Patek Philippe Starry Night model, the only one in the world, worth tens of millions!”

The crowd gasped in astonishment.

Indeed, the Rogers family was truly wealthy to present such a treasure to Kirin as a gift.

At the mention of a watch, Levi thought of his good friend, Morris.

Rich men generally had the same interests – cars, beautiful women, antiques, and the like.

Morris loved watches.

There were all types of well-known watches in his home, and many of them were limited editions.

Of course, they were all gone now.

Luke smiled and said, “I’ll reveal another secret, but you must keep it to yourselves. This watch was owned by the assistant director of Levi Group, Morris. He had it custom-made in the Patek Philippe headquarters. It is the most expensive piece in his collection of thousands of watches.”

Upon hearing Luke’s speech, everyone was surprised and turned to look at Levi.


Levi was furious!

It was bad enough that his best buddy’s possessions were divided up, but to be used as gifts? It was atrocious!

“Alright, you guys must keep this a secret. It’s not to be told to anyone else!”

Luke left with the watch with his bodyguards in tow.

Abigail whispered to Levi, “Brother-in-law, please don’t be angry! If it’s given to the Kirin as a gift, grandpa and I can’t do anything about it.”

Levi said nonchalantly, “It doesn’t matter as I shall take back the watch soon enough!”


May and the others laughed again.

“How are you going to get it back?” Yoyo sneered as she asked him.

“Do you think you are Kirin, the King of War?” The crowd asked him.

Levi said softly, “When the time comes, Kirin will bring it to me personally!”

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