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Chapter 143

When Levi said this, not only did May and the others doubt him, even Abigail found it unbelievable.

She knew her brother-in-law was amazing.

However, taking back Levi Group and the Rogers family business was too far-fetched.

How is that possible?

Even the Levi from six years ago, who was at the pinnacle of success, could not achieve this!

In the face of the Rogers family, he was no more than an ant.


A few seconds later, Leon and the others burst out laughing.

May and Yoyo looked at each other and laughed aloud as well.

This was the most ridiculous joke they had ever heard all their lives.

A scumbag who just got out of prison is going to wipe out the Rogers family, who is worth tens of billions in industries?

Yoyo and May knew Levi only too well because they had worked together before.

Levi had always loved to ‘brag.’

He always casually mentioned doing something impossible.

Later on, he would really achieve it.

Nevertheless, that was the Levi from six years ago who could move mountains.

He had the ability, the motivation, and the connections.

Everything had been as easy as ABC for him.

However, the Levi they knew today had nothing.

There was no way he could do anything amazing or incredible, least of all, wrestling tens of billions worth of businesses from the hands of the Rogers family.

This was just impossible!

It was as possible as the sun rising from the west.

In other words, only in his dreams.

May did not point out the obvious, instead, she congratulated him with a smile, “I congratulate you in advance! Take back the Levi Group and take down the Rogers family!”

The others laughed and agreed, “That’s right, Mr. Garrison, soon you’ll be worth fifty billion. Just help us out a bit when you succeed, anything from five hundred million to one billion would do.”

None of them thought Levi would take it seriously.

Levi told May, “Thank you. When the time comes, I’ll consider you for joint ventures.”

Yoyo looked at Levi with compassion in her eyes.

The Levi in front of her now was simply too pitiable.

From the pinnacle of pride and success, he had fallen so low as to console himself with tall tales.

It was so tragic and sad.

In the twenty or so years of her life, Yoyo had never misjudged any person or situation.

Her only exception was Levi.

She thought he was a winner, but he turned out to be a loser!

Leon patted Levi on the shoulder and sneered, “Garrison, don’t give up. We have faith in your ability. Truth be told, the Rogers family mastered a small part of the core medical technology you developed in the past, and it was so incredible. Did you know that with your technology, they made more than twenty billion?”

May smiled, “It was really incredible! It had the ability to transform a whole clan from rags to riches!”

May looked at Levi, “Levi, my offer to hire you as the head of my technical department is genuine and sincere. You have the ability, but you’ve lost your motivation. I believe in you, and I can give you a future.”

“That’s right. You can come to me too. The Rogers family really made a fortune from your technical skills in the medical field.”

Even Yoyo was interested in hiring Levi.

Pushing this man off his pedestal and then stepping on him was really enjoyable.

“Yoyo, what are you talking about?”

Suddenly, a stern voice was heard.

A tall man wearing a suit and leather shoes appeared. He wore an unhappy expression on his face.

It was Luke, a senior staff member of the Rogers family Group, the super henchman of Leo Rogers, and the second in command of the Rogers family. His position in North Hampton circles was very high, equivalent to representing Leo Rogers.

Luke and Yoyo got along well. It was rumored that they were a couple.

In truth, their relationship was not confirmed, but he seemed to be Yoyo’s best choice for a husband.

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