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Chapter 142

The bottom line was that the less successful Levi was, the more joy and satisfaction they would feel.

As long as Levi failed and deteriorated, that would prove that their decision to leave him was right.

It proved that Levi was unworthy of them.

They looked at each other, and their thoughts were more or less the same.

They were different from Leon and his two friends in that they felt emotional but they would not ridicule or taunt Levi.

“Enough, you guys, shut up! Do not forget that we were partners before. Even though Levi rejected our joint venture back then, he helped us a lot,” May spoke up for Levi.

She was full of authority, speaking like a queen.

With one sentence, she stopped the trio’s taunts.

Yoyo was different from May in that she gave support quietly.

“Are you doing alright?”

She had a lot that she wanted to say to him but could only force out four simple words.

“Yeah, I am alright,” Levi replied.

Yoyo looked at Levi, and a myriad of emotions surged through her heart.

Where is the man who was in control of everything?

So it turns out that time can really change everything. It can prove that my opinion at that time was wrong.

Time proved that my parents were right when they said that Levi’s surge of energy will die off and that he is not worthy of me.

It’s true, then.

Everything is now proven to be true.

Hansen looked at Levi and laughed, “Levi, I would like to ask you, how do you feel now, looking at Yoyo and May who are each worth a billion?”

“I’m certain you regret rejecting them, don’t you?” Hansen chortled.

Bryce said, “Aside from the fact that Yoyo and May are doing much better than Zoey, Zoey’s company nearly went bankrupt not long ago!”

Leon laughed and said, “You regret it, don’t you? If Yoyo or May helps you now, you will definitely make a comeback. However, you don’t even have this opportunity. You are not worthy of them!”

Hearing all this, neither Yoyo nor May said a word.

May stood with her arms folded, like a goddess on a pedestal.

If Levi were to confess to her now, she would ruthlessly reject him.

She would even reply, “There was a time when you couldn’t be bothered with me. I’m not the same now. Levi, you are not worthy of me.”

Yoyo, too, felt the same, more or less.

If she had another chance, she would not love Levi again.

Seeing this scene, Abigail came over and held Levi’s arm. She sneered, “You are, after all, just ordinary, short-sighted folk! My brother-in-law is still amazing. In his eyes, you are nothing but tiny little ants. That’s why he does not bother to reply to your insults.”

Abigail might not know everything about Levi, but she did have an inkling of his true ability.

Someone who offhandedly named her as the owner of a fifty-million-home and just as casually bought the revolving restaurant in North Hampton Center was not someone to be derided by the likes of May and her buddies.

“Hahaha… Levi, is this your sis-in-law? What a lovely girl!”

May smiled and looked at Levi contemptuously.

It was so difficult to start a business now – more than a hundred times harder than six years ago.

If Levi were to try to reach her level now, it would take him a whole lifetime to catch up.

May laughed, saying, “Old friend, I heard that you are not working yet. If you would like to, come and work for me as a head technician. I’ll give you a handsome salary.”

She imagined the man who once rejected her at his pinnacle of success working under her.

Just the thought filled her with pleasure.

Levi rejected her offer, saying, “It’s not necessary. After today, the Levi Group and the Garrison family’s companies will be under me again along with the Rogers family’s businesses. I’ll have a job then.”

After hearing Levi’s claims, the whole group was stunned into silence.

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