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Chapter 141

The ridicule of his classmates and his partners’ betrayal that day had left a deep scar in Levi’s memory.

Etched deep in his heart were the faces of Leon and the others.

These people were unforgettable!

Furthermore, Yoyo had refused to back out after their business venture had failed that year.

Nonetheless, she had later gone on to take care of her family’s business.

After that, Levi had cut all ties with them, so he was unaware of their current statuses.

However, after leaving the team that year, some of them had gone on to start their own businesses and had become quite successful.

Yoyo and May had done the best. Both of them ran companies with market values of one billion.

Leon’s group did quite well too. The three of them were each worth several hundred million.

After all, at that time, only high-achievers could be partners with Levi.

Even so, compared to Levi, they were subpar.

No matter how hard they tried, there was an insurmountable gap between them and the Levi from six years ago.

Later, when they heard that Levi was in prison, Leon and his friends were so happy that they went to gloat over his predicament.

Levi greeted them, “Yoyo, May, you came too?”

Before the girls could reply, Hansen and Bryce said, “Why can’t we come? Yoyo and May are the young elites of North Hampton enterprises, and they’re worth more than one billion each. Our net worth may not be as impressive, but we’re still worth several hundred million. We were officially invited by the Rogers family.”

Leon sneered, “That’s right. We are definitely qualified to come. Conversely, your eligibility is questionable.”

“You have just been released from prison, and you don’t run any company. You are penniless. How did you get in?”

The three ganged up to deride Levi.

Glimpsing the invitation card in Levi’s hands, Bryce snatched it from him.

“Ms. Zoey? Hahaha… Now, I know. You got in using your wife’s invitation card?” Bryce laughed at his expense.

They were simply stating facts. The name written on the card was Zoey’s.

Leon chuckled humorlessly. “It turns out that you depend on your wife! I heard that Zoey recently received a promising contract, which allows her to barely qualify for this event.”

Hansen mocked, “North Hampton’s best, Mr. Levi Garrison, is now depending on a woman?”

Despite their relentless insults, Levi did not show any reaction.

In his eyes, these clowns were totally worthless.

They were nobodies compared to the Garrison family, let alone today’s giant – the Rogers family.

Nevertheless, to Yoyo and May, Levi was but a shadow of what he had been.

In their opinion, the leader who used to be invincible and was always in control had turned out to be a pathetic bum after six years in prison…

Not only was he depending on a woman for support, he had not challenged nor retorted his tormentors’ verbal abuse.

How full of life and motivation was Levi in his glory days when he founded his business!

At that time, Yoyo had been deeply in love with Levi. Nothing could make her leave him, not even his failure in his undertakings. She had wanted to stay with him for always.

Those days, Levi’s every word and every move had won May’s heart.

May was daring and proactive. Many times, she had pursued and even tried to seduce him.

Nevertheless, she had been rejected by Levi each time. That was the real reason she left when the business failed.

No matter how times had changed, this was the man they had loved so deeply.

The two were deeply moved after seeing Levi’s current state.

However, what they felt was immense luck and joy!

After being rejected, May had left in order to improve herself. Her goal was to succeed so that Levi would regret his decision.

Yoyo’s feelings were not so different. If Levi had been successful and lived happily ever after with Zoey, she would be heartbroken. However, what she felt now was unbridled joy!

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