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Chapter 140

“Oswald is not getting any better. I don’t think he can make it to the celebration,” Glenn sighed.

Anthony knew the importance of the celebration this time. It was basically a guarantee that Oswald would become the heir if he attended the celebration.

“Dad, can we postpone the celebration?” asked Anthony, hoping fervently for his son to attend it.

His words had Glenn’s anger spiked.

“How can we postpone such a big event? What do you think my students will think about us? What if we anger Kirin?”

“No, we can’t postpone the celebration!”

Rogers Group’s fortieth-anniversary celebration was just around the corner, and almost the whole of North Hampton was aware of it.

Everyone was proud to have the invitation to the grand celebration. Many people had even sent pictures of the invitation to their friends to show off their status of being acquainted with the Rogers.

One could see how well the Rogers family’s publicity had been done.

The night before the celebration, Abigail specially came to deliver Levi and Zoey their invitations.

Because of what happened to Oswald, Zoey had been worried to this day. She dared not attend the Rogers family’s celebration, lest they flew into a rage at the sight of them.

“If you won’t go, I’ll still go.”

Naturally, Levi wanted to go and Abigail was very happy about that because he would be hers alone if Zoey refused to go.

“You must watch over Levi!” Zoey urged. “He has beef with the Rogers family!”

“Don’t worry, Zoey. Grandpa loves me very much. No one can touch him,” Abigail said.

Aaron and Caitlyn didn’t receive the invitation.

In Pamela’s opinion, they had no rights to attend the celebration.

The next day, the City Convention and Exhibition Center became the venue for this grand celebration.

The street in front of the City Convention and Exhibition Center was taken over by the Rogers family for the day, and a variety of banners and flying balloons were hung on both sides of the dozen-kilometer-long road.

The Rogers family had spent a tremendous amount of money to decorate the venue.

They sure were willing to spend that money. After all, even the invitation cards were gilded with gold.

Not to mention the dozens of A-list celebrities and countless influencers who were invited.

The parking lot in front of the venue was filled with rows of luxury cars.

The Rogers family’s network of connections was not to be frowned upon. Everyone who attended the celebration was wealthy and respectable.

The Lopez family was simply out of their league.

Abigail and Levi arrived at the venue and made their way in easily after showing their invitations.

As the celebration hadn’t officially started yet, everyone was waiting at the lounge where a buffet was being served.

Levi and Abigail looked for a seat and had just sat down when a voice was heard from behind.

“Levi, is that you?”

Levi looked back to see a graceful woman in a long burgundy dress. She had a voluptuous figure, slender legs, and a charming and seductive temperament.

The woman was looking at Levi with her doe-like eyes.

Levi recognized the woman as May Holland, his and Morris’ business partner in the early days, who had both the capability and the creativity to succeed.

Their start-up team was riding high at first, but many had opted out when they started to lose money, leaving only Levi, Morris, and another girl.

Among those who opted out was May.

“It really is Levi!”

Another voice was heard from the side.

Standing before Levi right now were four other people. They were Yoyo Peterson, Leon Watson, Hansen Wood, and Bryce Chadd, his start-up partners from the past.

Yoyo was that only girl who stayed on while the others had opted out.

When Levi’s start-up business became successful later on, they had wanted to rejoin, but he rejected them.

Levi could still remember how Leon and the other two guys had come to laugh at him on the day of his imprisonment.

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