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Chapter 139

The sound in their ears was getting louder like thunder.

The fierce wind the propeller produced was raging and everyone was almost blown away.

Only then did everyone see clearly that those were helicopters in the air.

After taking a closer look at the symbol, everyone’s heart sank.

Those were helicopters from the war zone!

“Everyone, listen and stay wherever you are!”

A loud voice was heard from the loudspeaker.

Thereafter, they saw men after men in suits of different skin colors, and height about a head taller than the Rogers family’s guards, sliding down the helicopter’s ladders.

The hefty men in suits who landed and seized the foreign medical team directly from the Rogers family were none other than the mercenaries under James’ leadership.

Along with the medical equipment that had been loaded in the car, everyone and everything was loaded into the helicopters instead.

Anthony and the rest could only look on as the mercenaries took away the medical team and equipment from them.

Firstly, the Rogers family had no ability to fight against these mercenaries.

Secondly, Anthony was afraid of these symbols on the helicopters.

Chuff… Chuff… Chuff…

It was not only until the helicopters had left that Anthony came back to his senses.

What just happened?

These mercenaries are well-trained, and it took them only one minute to raid the place.

It was so fast that we couldn’t even react in time.

“What do we do now, Mr. Rogers?” the head of the bodyguards asked.

“Go home. What else can we do?”

Anthony made a sour face.

Returning to the Rogers residence, Glenn was shocked when he learned about the episode at the airport.

“You didn’t stop them?” Glenn asked. “They’re just a bunch of foreign bodyguards!”

But Anthony shook his head. “Dad, listen to me. That group of people was well-trained. You can tell from the way they glide down the helicopters that they must have served in the military. I suspect they’re mercenaries!”

Glenn looked dazed. “Mercenaries? But I don’t know anyone who dares to deploy mercenaries in North Hampton.”

“There is one. Didn’t Rick Garrison hire some mercenaries a while ago? They were detained after the incident and have yet to be released. I think it’s them,” Anthony said.

“So you mean to say that it’s Rick who is using this group of mercenaries?”

Glenn already had an answer in his mind.

Anthony nodded. “Most probably so. Those symbols on the helicopters are military symbols! Who would dare to use these helicopters?”

Glenn was puzzled. “Is there anything wrong with these doctors? Why were they detained?”

“We don’t know and didn’t dare to ask!”

On the other side, Levi had directly sent these doctors out of Erudia.

You want to treat Oswald?

No way!

For the next few days, the Rogers family had been asking around to find out the reasons, but to no avail.

They found nothing solid about these mercenaries.

“Could they be coming for Oswald?” suggested Leo, Oswald’s uncle.

Glenn and Anthony glared at him. “What nonsense are you spouting? How could such a great person hold grudges against Oswald?”

“The only use of these experts is to treat Oswald. Isn’t it obvious that they were detained because the other party didn’t want them to treat him?” Leo analyzed.

“It’s only Levi who doesn’t want Oswald to be treated in the whole of North Hampton,” Glenn retorted. “Are you suggesting that Levi is the God of War?”

“Of course not! How could Levi be the God of War? That’s too ridiculous!”

Leo shook his head.

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