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Chapter 138

“In fact, we should thank Levi for this,” Anthony added. “We only possess part of the core technology developed by his team, but we’ve made a net profit of at least twenty billion in the past six years, haven’t we?”

“Yeah, that kid sure was capable. Even the richest man in North Hampton remembers him!” Glenn withdrew his smile and continued coldly, “But I can’t stand him beating my grandson to a pulp like this! I must hit him after the celebration!”

“Right, the overseas experts and doctors are arriving soon, aren’t they?” Glenn asked as a thought occurred to him. “Make sure Oswald attends the celebration!”

The Rogers family had hired ten foreign experts to treat Oswald to make sure that he could attend the celebration.

“Dad,” answered Anthony, “They’ll arrive today at twelve midnight! Five days will be enough!”

“Okay, bring them here and make sure nothing goes wrong,” Glenn said.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll pick them up myself!”

At this moment, Levi was at the manor where Azure Dragon and the others lived.

Kirin had just informed Levi about the invitation he received from the Rogers family.

“Mm, you did great. I’m going too as an ordinary guest. But you, you’re the guest of honor, kiddo!” Levi teased.

“Our little Kirin will be the most important guest at the grand celebration,” Azure Dragon joined in.

“Stop teasing me, please!” Kirin said immediately.

Right then, the valiant and heroic Phoenix came forward, saying respectfully, “Reporting, Sir! I just received news that the Rogers family has hired ten foreign experts to treat Oswald Rogers. They’ll be landing at the private zone of North Hampton Airport at twelve tonight!”

“They’re here to treat Oswald?”

Levi’s expression darkened.

“Yes, Sir! The Rogers family wants to make sure that Oswald attends the grand celebration, so they invited top medical experts from all over the world,” Phoenix said.

Levi raised his arm to look at the time. It was a quarter past ten.

“Let’s go and take them down,” said Levi, rising to his feet. “The nerve to treat Oswald!”

North Hampton Airport had always been busy.

But tonight, there were black cars stopping before the private passageway, headed by a Rolls-Royce with dozens of hefty men in suits standing next to it, all of them looking aggressive.

Coming down from the Rolls-Royce was Anthony.

They were here to pick up the foreign medical experts.

Such a grand scene was only in line with the Rogers family’s reputation as it brought about an uproar among the crowd.

Anthony glanced at his watch. It was exactly twelve.

“Okay, the experts are coming out soon. We’ll leave immediately once we pick them up!” Anthony instructed, his men standing by sternly.

Shortly after, a team of twenty came out from the private passageway.

This included the foreign experts and their assistants, as well as a good deal of equipment.

“Welcome, Mr. Jeffrey and team!” Anthony greeted.

“This way please!”

With a wave of his arm, Anthony’s men took over the medical team’s equipment and loaded them into the car, and the medical team was ushered into their respective rides.

Chuff… Chuff… Chuff…

However, at this moment, there was a rumbling sound in the sky.

It was the sound of a propeller spinning at high speed.




Rays of bright light shone on the car and the people’s faces from mid-air, lighting the place up like daylight.

In the face of such strong light, everyone was so shaken that they couldn’t open their eyes.

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