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Chapter 137

Steven smiled, looking a little embarrassed.

Yash could tell at a glance that Steven had a favor to ask of him. “What is it, Steven? There’s no need to be polite between us.”

“I’ll be straightforward then! I spoke on the phone with Mr. Rogers just now. He told me to ask you if you could invite Kirin to attend the Rogers family’s grand celebration,” Steven said.

Surely, it was Glenn’s idea.

As for inviting the God of War, the Rogers family wasn’t qualified, and thus Glenn dared not even think about it. But he wanted to give Kirin a try.

Kirin was one of the five great Kings of War under the command of the God of War. It would be the Rogers family’s greatest honor if he accepted the invitation.

“It was for an assignment that I came into contact with the God of War, Azure Dragon, and the others. There’s no substantial relationship or whatsoever,” Steven added. “But you and Kirin are different! He’s equivalent to your master!”

Yash’s expression changed slightly. “Since Mr. Rogers said so, I’ll give it a try.”

Shortly after, Yash came to report at Kirin’s command post.

“Are they gone?” Kirin asked without looking up, his legs on the table.

“Yes, Sir!”

But Yash stood rooted to the spot after finishing his report.

“What is it?” Kirin looked at him in puzzlement. “Don’t just stand there! Say it!”

“Reporting, Sir!” Yash straightened his back. “My instructor, Mr. Glenn Rogers, wishes to invite you to the Rogers family fortieth-anniversary celebration.”

“Oswald Rogers, that Rogers family?” Kirin asked.

He had heard it from Azure Dragon before that the Rogers family was the enemy of the God of War.

“Yes, Sir!” Yash nodded.

Although it seemed like a slim chance, at least he tried.

“Okay, I’ll go!” Kirin accepted the invitation.

“This is great! Thank you, Sir!” Yash saluted.

Immediately, the Rogers family learned that Kirin would be attending their grand celebration.

Glenn was all smiles.

“Haha, God bless the Rogers family! That would be the greatest honor for us if Kirin shows up! Hahaha… He’s the God of War’s right-hand man; it’s equivalent to us having a little something going on with the God of War! Our status will definitely rise after this celebration!”

“Yeah, Dad,” Anthony agreed. “Although we’re one of the top ten wealthiest families in North Hampton, we’re still at the bottom of the list after all. We can definitely move up a few places after this celebration!”

The Rogers family were so excited that they clenched their fists.

The celebration was good news to them as well.

In layman’s terms, it was very likely that their dividends would increase from fifty million to a hundred million.

“Pass on my orders,” said Glenn, looking at everyone. “Ramp up the publicity! And spread the news that the King of War, Kirin, will be our guest of honor for this celebration!”

The attendance list of the Rogers family’s grand celebration spread like wildfire in North Hampton and seeing that the most honored guest was none other than Kirin, the God of War’s right-hand man, many powerful families in North Hampton were envious.

So what if they were rich?

And so what if they had connections all over Erudia?

None of those was equal to Kirin’s attendance at the celebration.

“Dad, Pamela’s daughter, Abigail, wants her brother-in-law and sister to attend as well. As you know, those are Levi and Zoey, and so I said yes,” said Anthony to Glenn.

Glenn patted Anthony’s shoulders. “You did the right thing!”

“We’ll show Levi just how great the Rogers family is!” Glenn chortled.

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