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Chapter 136

“It’s not wrong for you to organize an event, but is it necessary to block all the places? There are so many people and not everyone is here for you.They’re like me, who came to eat and buy clothes. Why do we have to wait for hours because of your event? If we’re talking about privileges, what do you think about only continuing your event after I cordon off this place and finish my meal?”

Faced with Levi’s questioning, Monica and the rest looked down and dared not speak a word.

All this while they had only considered the safety of the artists and their own privileges when holding events that they had disregarded the problems of other people’s livelihood.

Perhaps ordinary people were simply not qualified for their consideration in their eyes.

“We were wrong, Chief. We’re aware of our own mistakes and we shouldn’t have occupied public resources! We will definitely think before organizing any events in the future!”

Monica took the initiative to apologize.

Levi gave the crowd a perfunctory glance. “Cancel the event. Yash Warner, take them back and have everyone write a ten thousand-word letter of remorse before releasing them!”


Everyone was stunned when they heard that.

Are you kidding me? You’re asking these high and mighty celebrities to write a ten thousand-word letter of remorse?

However, at Levi’s ferocious gaze, everyone lowered their heads.

Lastly, Levi looked at Zak. “I think I’ll not watch you eat turd. It’s too disgusting.”

Zak was badly shaken.

It definitely wasn’t a good thing to be remembered by such a big shot.

After Levi had left, Yash fell back with his men and the celebrities had left as well.

The mall was soon restored to order, and Levi had his meal as he wished.

Very soon after, Abigail found Levi.

“Levi, you totally missed it. A big chief wanted to have a meal, but the place was sealed off, so he put this place on lockdown in a fit of rage. He even took away my idols and they supposedly have to write a letter of remorse. How tragic.”

As Abigail was among the crowd, she only had a general idea of what transpired just now, with most of it having heard from other people.

“They deserve it,” Levi said coldly.

“But I heard the Chief is only in his twenties. Do you think there’s such a young Chief, Levi?” Abigail queried. “I mean, generally speaking, shouldn’t they be in their forties and fifties by the time they earn their qualifications and get to the top?”

“Everything is fair and just in the military. Anyone with the capability can become a Chief! It’s normal to have a high-ranking position in your twenties,” Levi said.

“Oh, I see.”

Abigail continued with regret, “I’m just sad that I couldn’t meet my idols this time. But my uncle has invited me to the fortieth-anniversary celebration. You should come too, Levi.”

Hearing that it was the anniversary celebration of the Rogers family, Levi agreed.

“Sure, no problem.”

At the training base, Yash had just released the celebrities who had finished writing their letters of remorse and was about to report to Kirin when he bumped into Steven Shaw along the way.

“Hey Steven, what are you doing here?”

Yash and Steven were once soldiers of the same class, and they studied together later.

So they had a close relationship.

“Mr. Rogers’ family business is holding a fortieth-anniversary celebration,” said Steven, taking out a gilded invitation. “He invited us over and I’m here to give you your invitation.”

Yash accepted the invitation. “He still remembers us?”

It turned out that Steven and Yash were Glenn’s students.

‘Yeah! Many comrades will be there for the celebration, just to see Mr. Rogers,” Steven said.

“Okay, let’s go together,” Yash said.

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