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Chapter 135

Everyone got a nasty shock, including Zak, Yelda, Monica and the rest of the celebrity team and security guards.

Levi was just talking about cordoning off this place, and it really happened!

And they’re all from the Special Operations Regiment!

The next moment, Levi ripped off all the annoying barricade tapes before their eyes and replaced them with military ones.

The barricade tape the security guards had put up from before was to barricade the public from getting near to the artists, but the point of the military tape now was to encircle the celebrity team.

Everyone huddled together, shivering in fear.

So what if they had fame and status?

They were as scared as ever to encounter the Special Operations Regiment!

Right then, Yash Warner, whose voice was heard from over the PA system, showed up holding a loudhailer in his hand, still warning the people, but at the same time mollifying their anxiety by telling them it was just a simple lockdown.

Yash was armed to the teeth and had several grenades hanging on his chest.

Following behind him were dozens of well-trained soldiers who were jogging up to the front of the stage, standing before Levi amidst the horrified looks of the cadre of celebrities.

“Reporting, Sir!” Yash shouted, giving a military salute. “Yash Warner, the Captain of Kirin Special Operations Force of North Hampton, is here to protect the Chief! Awaiting your orders, Sir!”

A deathly silence filled the atmosphere…

Monica, Zak, Yelda, and the security guards regarded Levi with an astonished look.



He’s their Chief?

And a very young one at that?

Levi glanced at Yash.

This is great!

Kirin’s hellish training is really something!

These ordinary soldiers were as good as the Imperial Guards, despite the short training period.

“Mm, that was fast!”

Levi nodded, then looked at Monica, Zak and the others.

“This is what you called a blockade! Do you understand now?”

Everyone was drenched with sweat at Levi’s words. They were so frightened that they almost passed out.

However, one thing they could make out for sure was that Levi was the Chief of the Warzones!

No wonder he was so full of himself when he said he was going to cordon off North Hampton Center.

It turned out that he really had the power to do so!

Zak’s face darkened as he remembered what he said about eating a turd if Levi could cordon off this place.

Levi’s identity was unexpected.

Who would have thought that a passerby who was just going to grab a meal turned out to be the Chief who could summon the Special Operations Regiment with just a word?

Everyone shuddered when they noticed Levi’s stern gaze on them.

“According to your logical thinking, I should be as noble as you, right?” Levi sneered.

Monica and Zak nodded fervently. “Yes, yes, yes! You’re definitely someone of noble status, Chief!”

“Then should I also enjoy special privileges and occupy public resources wantonly?” Levi asked.

“Definitely! What are you talking about, Chief? You can do whatever you want!”

Naturally, Monica and Zak became docile and obedient, wanting to make friends with the Chief.

But Levi raised his voice the next second. “Does that mean I should bring along a troop with me to cordon off this place just to have a meal at the mall?”


Levi’s sudden rage had Monica and the rest trembling.

“Privilege? There are so many people with privileges! If everyone behaves like you, wouldn’t it be a mess?!”

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