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Chapter 134

“Just let him go over there, Monica,” Yelda said softly. “It’s no big deal.”

“No, Yelda! What if he has evil intentions? Look at him. I have no reason not to suspect that he’s coming for us!” Zak suddenly spoke, his voice cold. “Where’s security? What are you waiting for? Seize him!”

Zak was especially sick of such a fan who tended to act up to attract their idol’s attention.

To him, Levi was that perfect example.

Yelda looked at Levi and said, “Just let him go! Who knows if he has something urgent to attend to!”

“Hmph, no way! This is dangerous for us! Don’t you know how valuable our identities are? What if he means malice? This is why the place is sealed off! To guard against people like him!”

Zak was uncompromising.

Just as the security guards were about to make their move on Levi, he took out his phone and bellowed, “Kirin, where the f*ck are you?”

“We’re already in position, Sir! Initiating North Hampton Center’s lockdown!” Kirin’s voice was heard.

Everyone could hear their conversation clearly.

Zak and Monica laughed out loud.

“Who are you trying to scare here? Who do you think you are to lock down North Hampton Center?”

“If you can lock down North Hampton Center, I, Zak Copland, will eat a turd!”

At this moment in time, something big was happening outside of North Hampton Center.

Every pedestrian on the square in front of North Hampton Center stopped to look up at the sky.

There were at least a dozen helicopters hovering above North Hampton Center building!


The helicopter hatch opened. One by one, heavily armed guards came down, landed on their feet and lined up in formation, heading for the interior of North Hampton Center.

“Attention, everyone! The lockdown of North Hampton Center is now in effect! Clear out as soon as possible! Attention, this is not a drill…” A deafening sound was heard from the loudspeakers of every helicopter.

The crowd was in a complete state of panic as they were curious about what was happening.

Inside one of the helicopters, a soldier was operating the computer.

He quickly hacked in and took control of North Hampton Center’s PA system…

Despite the warning outside, it was inaudible inside North Hampton Center.

Zak and Monica were still making fun of Levi. “Well, what are you waiting for? Where are your men? God, this is hilarious!”

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

A loud noise reverberated from the PA system inside the mall, making everyone stop all their movements to look up.

“Attention, everyone! This is Yash Warner speaking, the Captain of Kirin Special Operations Force of North Hampton. We’re imposing a lockdown on North Hampton Center right now! Please cooperate with us!”

The announcement made through the loudspeakers was played over and over again.

Before anyone could react, the sound of uniform marching was heard from behind them.

Thump… Thump… Thump…

Everyone looked back to see heavily armed guards, marching in in groups of tens, surrounding them from all sides.

“Freeze! Freeze!”

The security guards were all put to the ground in no time.

Above the high level was a guard who came descending from the sky with a rope tied to his body.

It turned out that they had attacked from above…

All the security guards on the other floors had been subdued at the same time!

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