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Chapter 133

How are you calling this a blockade?

I’ll show you what a real blockade looks like!

Anger overpowered Levi.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have troubled Kirin!

Seeing how Levi was putting on airs about laying siege to North Hampton Center, the security guards laughed themselves silly.

Is he crazy?

Calling the troops to lay siege to this place?

Who does he think he is?

A high-ranking officer of the war zone?

Show us what you got then!

The commotion over here had soon attracted the celebrity team’s attention as a few celebrity managers came over, asking what was going on.

The ringleader was Monica, Yelda Zamora’s manager. She was the top celebrity manager in the entertainment industry, who had entirely arranged the event today on her own.

In another word, she had the final say!

Monica shot Levi an icy stare. “What is your problem? Can’t you see that this place has been blockaded?”

Levi gave a half-suppressed laugh. “Who gave you the right to do that?”

Monica froze at that question.

It was a question which she didn’t know and had never thought about the answer.

After all, it had been normal all along for celebrities to go out with bodyguards, occupy a place and cordon off an area. So it became a default rule.

Celebrities had an inherently noble identity with a very high net worth.

And therefore, no one was allowed to come near to them.

So much so that roads would be blocked off to prevent pedestrians from passing by when they were shooting variety shows.

It was as if this privilege was given to them in silent acquiescence, and the passerby would consciously abide by it.

Thus, they were completely caught off guard and didn’t know how to answer when Levi raised that question.

“Standing here today are all A-list celebrities of Erudia. They’re noble and worth billions. They can enjoy this privilege! If anyone is allowed to come and go freely at this time, then what’s the difference between our artists and you ordinary people?” Monica snapped.

Levi laughed. “So you mean to say that celebrities are people of status?”

“Yes, you can put it that way! After all, what they did is beyond what you can think of! It’s only right for them to enjoy this privilege!” said Monica solemnly.

“Don’t you even think about creating trouble here or we’ll hand you over to the police!” She further threatened.

“Bloody f*ck!” Levi cursed. “I just want to ride the elevator and grab a meal, but you guys are here blabbering on and on about blockading this and that. If that’s what you want, I’ll show you what a real blockade looks like!”

Monica and the others laughed at Levi’s bravado.

A real blockade? What the hell is a real blockade?

Are you kidding me?

Monica was about to call security to kick him out when the crowd went wild at the few celebrities walking over.

Monica immediately went up to them.

The two stars in the lead looked very dazzling.

They could be distinguished at first glance, even among a sea of celebrities.

The man, whose skin was fair, was decked out in a white suit. He exuded a feminine aura that was most in line with the contemporary standard of a hunky boy-next-door.

As for the woman, she was wearing a long white dress that accentuated her petite and sexy figure, and as she flaunted her gorgeous face, she looked like an angel descending to the earth.

They were none other than the popular stars, Yelda Zamora and Zak Copland.

“Monica, what’s the matter?” Yelda asked.

“This fella insisted on trespassing, and after we stopped him, he said he wants to blockade this place,” Monica sneered.

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