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Chapter 132

Not only that, but there were also people around the guardrail on the second, third, fourth, and up to the tenth floor.

Levi couldn’t imagine just how many fans had gathered today. Are there at least a thousand of them?

The fans were chanting their idol’s name like believers who had been brainwashed, and Abigail joined in as well when she arrived.

More than a hundred security guards were guarding around the stage to keep the fanatical fans outside.

Even the stage was cordoned off with barricade tapes!

Levi couldn’t stand such a scene.

Irritated, he pulled Zoey’s hands and walked straight toward the elevator.

“Where’s Abigail?”

Before he knew it, Abigail had already vanished from his sight.

“She said she’s going to meet her idols and told us to eat first. She’ll look for us later,” Zoey said.


Levi and Zoey were about to enter the elevator when a few security guards stopped them.

“No! You can’t take the elevator!” the security guard said coldly, stretching his arm.

“Why?” Levi’s forehead puckered.

“Unauthorized persons are not allowed to use the elevator today besides staff members and the celebrity teams,” the security guard explained.

Levi snickered. “So you’re saying that celebrities have special privileges?”

“Yes! To ensure the safety of the celebrities, you guys are forbidden to take the elevator!” the security guard said ruthlessly.

“Come on. Let’s try the escalators!”

Levi and Zoey came to the escalators, but the security guards stopped them again for the same reason.

Levi looked up to see that all the escalators had been cordoned off from the first floor to the tenth floor.

Just then, Zoey picked up a call from work and took off, leaving Levi with no choice but to eat alone.

“That area is separated from this one,” said the security guard, pointing at the opposite side. “You can take the escalator over there.”

Levi looked around briefly. I can reach the elevator on the opposite side if I pass through the stage area.

He wandered to the front stage, planning to walk through there.

Heedless of others, Levi crossed over the barricade tape directly.

“What are you doing? Stand there!”

“Stop right there!”

Suddenly, more than a dozen security guards rushed over, touching the electric batons behind their backs and locking their eyes on Levi.

Levi chuckled. “Chill! I’m just trying to get to the elevator on the opposite side. I promise I’ll stay out of your way.”

“Get back!” the head of security barked. “No one is allowed to go through here! Didn’t you see the barricade tape?”

“The celebrities who are here today are all A-list celebrities. Can you afford to bear the responsibility if something goes wrong?” another security guard questioned.

Levi sneered, “A mall is considered a public place, no? Why aren’t tourists allowed to pass?”

“You can on usual days! But not today!” the head of security said.

“You people are hogging public resources, are you not? Do celebrities have any special privileges for you to obstruct a person’s passage in a public place?” Levi asked in a low voice.

“Yes! They have the privilege! Their performance fee costs tens of millions! That’s the privilege!” the security guard said.

“What if I insist to cross over?” Levi sneered.

“This place has been cordoned off. You can try!”

A dozen more security guards came, making it over thirty of them glaring at Levi.

Levi flashed a cruel smile. “Fine, a blockade, eh?”

He fished for his phone and dialed a number. “Kirin, bring your troops to North Hampton Center! I want to lay siege to this place!”

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